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for Here We Go Again

1/24/2021 c1 9ChappyJames
Literally started my enlistment reading GATE manga in a fuck ass hotel in Georgia for MEPs processing.

Six years later huh? Time really flys, NCO now just starting to train for a whole new job, man, it be like that.

Once again gonna enjoy the story you make, nothing feels better than an unfiltered story.

Also, not gonna name them on here, but a 500 man sqdrn adopted my saying of “Here We Go Again” thanks to you Ofcourse.

So the AF some love this time ️
1/24/2021 c2 2Francisco914
Holy shit, yeah I've read about the restructuring of the marines and the decommissioning of the Abrams it's pretty sad to be honest especially on your part, and just as you said regarding you're living history is kinda melancholic in a way.
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