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3/19 c15 454godamora
So what song exactly was playing on the choppers?
3/19 c15 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter .
3/19 c15 1Sauwk
Really love the two version of this story, a good read every Time
3/18 c15 SpudyPotato
Nice work on this one my guy.
3/18 c15 1chekhov's.firing.squad
Love it, keep the chapters coming! I saw that you astrisk'ed KIA, was that an accident or did you forget to define it? My only comment is that there is little to no transition in-between scenes, but it's a super small detail that doesn't make any difference. Besides that, I always look forward to and enjoy your story.

Thank you for the chapter. And thank you for your service.
3/18 c15 1thewookie1
Old Mage kicking ass, finally I get to see him actually do something in a fanfic lol.

How exactly do you clean a tank off from body parts? How can anyone stomach it?

Rory had fun, Itami dropped the mages off and ran lol, and the helicopters carved up ogres like Thanksgiving Day turkeys.

Pina is going to learn an awful lot over this story I'd assume.
3/18 c15 Asianman2
quite a different take. not bad honestly but it did felt a bit rushed.

or having armor and air support is that much overkill. lol

great job. also glad our little birdy survived as well.
3/18 c15 8No Country For Old Men78
Great chapter! Really enjoyed it, and although there were things I enjoyed about the OG version, I do agree that this is more concise and better written. Keep it up and can't wait for the next chapter.
3/18 c15 4Major Simi
Well nice chapter
3/15 c14 Guest
God, you can smell Aldritch’s and Pina’s sexual tension all the way from fucking Ginza lol.
3/15 c3 Guest
Hey, you got something for that Dollar Tree Gozer? Bitch needs a reason why she sucks.
3/11 c14 Sirius-about-harmione
Great chapter. I recently got recommended this fic and binged it in a day, been waiting for an update for a couple weeks. I'm curious as to if Aldritch's pledge is forshadowing something. Do you have some sort of update schedule? Or is it just whenever you're free? Can't wait for the next chapter, wanna see the action.
3/9 c14 Scream27
Wait where did the of story go?
3/7 c12 6tsubaki410
So, what I’m getting from this is that Aldrich is just as much of a prejudiced asshole as the two Akiras. Great. I really hope something changes all of their tunes soon, otherwise feel free to kill them all off. Never suffer a bigot to live!
3/7 c14 8No Country For Old Men78
Great to see another chapter, thank you! Looking forward to your take on the defense of Italica...Keep it up!
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