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7/22/2023 c19 Anton980
Fascinating work
7/12/2023 c19 13BiazarKaiser
good work
7/10/2023 c19 7Rocker1600
Zombies… it’s always zombies. Hope those troops get some
Bonus hazard pay for that. Also, I imagine the hawks in DC and Tokyo are going to have a field day when those captured are brought home.

Anyways, great chapter, though I think my email is failing me because I only just found out this was released when looking through my faved fics.
7/10/2023 c19 scottusa1
Good to see you again. Great chapter BTW.

Keep it up. Laters.
7/10/2023 c19 SpudyPotato
Great work on this chapter.
3 guesses as to who is reinforcing the unit at Crety? Cool to see you leaning into your own original fantasy elements in the story.
Soldiers and Marines vs Legionaries is one thing, but I find it more interesting when the new world throws a mystical magical curve ball and then the Marines need to determine how much Daka is needed to deal with it.
Keep up the good work.
7/10/2023 c19 4R3dRaven
Working on a chapter is nerve-wrecking, and sometimes, you'll have to bang your head against a wall hardoften enough, til you break through. Been there, aint pretty. But for what its worth, you work is aappreciated, and well worth waiting for. That scene involving Mizari/Misery was nothing short of beautiful. Am curious how the special forces managed to establish a foothold in Akusho without breaking one of the crime gangs before, and what exactly the SpecOps did to make Mizari and the others so grateful... but perhaps you can weave it into some retrospective, some time
7/9/2023 c19 6commanderstarscream123
The wait for new chapters are always worth it. Hope everything goes well for you!
7/9/2023 c19 Magos Solarion
I'm glad you didn't give up on writing in the end, I was getting worried
Great chapter as always, I'm looking forward to the next. It's really cool to see a well written, militarily non-stupid GATE fanfic finally crop up, it's been ages since A Sky Full of Fire ended. Keep it up!
7/9/2023 c19 1thewookie1
Welcome back again

You have a skill in crossover/enhancing a general story with military realism and jargon while simultaneously fleshing out existing characters.

Recker has unknowingly become prince charming

Also there are now zombies, I don't recall them from the canon or the original version of this story. Something new I presume; if so I look forward to how you play with the tropes.

Happy 4th
7/8/2023 c19 4R3dRaven
Thanks a bunch for giving your soldiers Humanity. While I also wanna be a tiny bit sarcastic and say that you *could* have mentioned the female Rose Knight's rather seductive dress for this occasion - and it would not even have been out of the picture here - it is nice to see that there are humans behind the US helmets.
'Cause, no offense, but if every US soldier in this battle/war was or is as inept as Captain Aldritch is, then the Marines would certainly win battles - but lose the war. Then again, that's just me being heavily cynical, and that cynicism talking.
On that note: The interaction between Mizari / Misery and Recker is nothing short of beautiful. And you deserve a lot of credit for that.
7/8/2023 c19 8Napster153
Never thought a prostitute and a green beret for a wholesome scene,but here we go. Worse, I'm more disturbed it's NOT out of place.

Anyhow, what on Earth (Falmart?) Is happening on the other end of the continent? Did I also see a *ahem* ship, or rather multiple ships sailing there? Wish I could actually whistle for that.

Anyhow, glad you're doing great in life. Hope to see more from you soon.
7/8/2023 c19 9Greyff
"War. War never changes." Which always struck me as an odd, if not wildly inaccurate, statement onto which to build a franchise. Technology and tactics and capabilities always change the face of warfare. Treaties and rules-of-engagement alter the expression of war as easily as the technology does.
When I'm using a different language in my own stories, I usually use this method: "(This is speaking Elvish,)" said Frodo.
7/8/2023 c19 Asianman2
yay update! miss you long time!

great chapter as always.
7/8/2023 c19 2Little Voracious
Man, it feels like I'm reading a completely different story in a very good way. Keep it up!
7/7/2023 c19 Giggity Master
What's your 40k army? Personally I like the Salamanders.
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