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7/7/2023 c19 Giggity Master
What's your 40k army? Personally I like the Salamanders.
7/7/2023 c19 Me Myself And I 777
I'm so glad to see this continue this is an amazing story with plots left right and Center I'm very excited to see where this goes keep them coming man no need to rush
7/7/2023 c19 554godamora
So now comes the time for that one Gorgon maid, right?
7/7/2023 c19 1Noxlux013
Usually, just use bold or italics while still using quotation marks as usual gets the “foreign language” implications across. Or gets idiots in the reviews bitching about grammatical errors.
7/7/2023 c19 47Thunderstrike16
Hey man, it's great that you updated again. I recently got into the GATE community, and even got inspired to start my own story, which is a GATE/Call of Duty crossover.

It is pretty cool and interesting to read a military story written by someone who was in the military. Besides that, the characters have been interesting, including the Kincaid and the rest of the tank crew.

For this chapter, I thought the section with Recker and Mizari was sweet. And now I'm shipping them, here's hoping they get together. Besides that, the dinner party is interesting, and Bozes suggesting all that to Pina was funny, and it's nice that she still has eyes on Tomita like canon.

Besides all that, keep up the good work, and hope to see another chapter soon.

Also, yeah, can you send a link for the discord? I tried to find it in previous chapter, and your profile, but couldn't find it.
7/7/2023 c19 AXL999
Just gonna say it now you’ve opened yourself a new rabbit hole by getting in the 40k be prepared because you’re slow, the same in the madness has started as someone who is has done so himself enjoy.
7/7/2023 c19 2Enigma2187
It's a good day when you update, thanks for the taking time to write and finish this story!
6/10/2023 c18 Local
When update
4/14/2023 c7 Guest
Pretty awesome story so far. I noticed early in this chapter that you used the phrase, "made due". It's actually " made do". Also if I may offer a bit of criticism, it's good to include the acronyms used in the casual conversation as you have, but it might be helpful to just go ahead and use the jargon, so readers not in the know aren't left wondering until they reach the footnotes at the bottom of the chapter. Keep the footnotes as a more full explanation of what it means, but occasionally using the whole word or phrase goes a long way to keeping the reader immersed. Just my eight cents(two cents, adjusted for inflation).
4/6/2023 c1 aabbccss
Hey man im going to enjoy this story if the comments are anything to go by and keep on the good work!
3/17/2023 c18 4R3dRaven
This looks promising. While I would love to be able to read the original (so, if maybe, you could ask someone who has it to make a copy available to you so you can re-upload it, that would be great), judging by the TVtropes thatexist for your original story, I can tell that there have been improvements.

The following will be a mix of positive and negative comments - bear with me, please.

I am not a native speaker, and I absolutely HATE excessive foul language - but at the same time, I can't really fault you for it. You're the one who lived through it; so, if that's how things are in reality, then you cannot be blamed for reflecting reality.
On that note, it really feels like I am being able to catch a glimpse into military life. Thanks for that!

Your chars - or your variants of existing chars - make sense. I can see Aldritch being as dismissive and aggressive towards Itami as he is - but also, on multiple occasions, it is being made clear that he is TOO by-the-book. I especially loved Roger's comment: "If you're not flexible enough, you're not long for this campaign." Falmart is NOT Afghanistan; the latter had a bit of a nasty history with the British and the Soviets before NATO came. "Hearts and Minds" might just work.
Also, I know Light Novel - Itami & Manga - Itami - while he is no doubt a flawed officer and a flawed human being, the Itami the original author intended is NOT an idiot. I appreciate that being reflected here.

I would like to see a bit more interactions between people down the route - I think Princess Pina & Bozes Co Palesti (& perhaps Hamilton Uno Ror, considering Bozes doesn't have to repent for a seduction attempt that never happened) plus the cast visiting our world might be a brilliant occasion. I've seen far too often that only the surface is being shown, not some of the deeper concept. You can show to Princess Pina that our world is more advanced, sure. But without at least superficial explanation about what INDUSTRY is (compared to manufacturing) and GLOBAL TRADE, she won't GET IT.
She understands that every US / Japanese soldier has a "metal stick" that can spit fire, thus being superior to swords, shields and bow & arrow - what she doesn't get from that is what our side's "war machine" means, namely, that the real world could realistically outproduce the Saderan Empire a hundred times over if pushed to its limits. "Amateurs talk strategies, experts talk logistics."

Aside from that, am curious to see if your story will also make a "detour" to the US, or if it will stay focussed on Tokyo and its surroundings. I would like for it to be focussed a bit more on personal emotions & experiences - and please, if able, try to not make everything as obnoxiously "We Are Superior Yay!" as some other stories have. Our world has its fair share of problems too. We're more advanced than Falmart - but we're still human. With all our flaws.

Side note regarding CH18: The Oprichina does not yet exist at that point in the story line; they are Zorzal's "personal enforcers". If memory serves, in trhe light novel, they exist because Zorzal read something about the Tsarist/Russian/Soviet? organisation of a similar name after Pina returned.

Alright, that was a bit of unfocussed ramblings on my end, and perhaps there will be more in the future.

But that's a good thing! That means that I care. And I care a great deal, because this story, from what I have seen so far, has all the hallmarks of being excellent. Do not be discouraged by the fact that it's been a long time for you to write it... if you look at my profile, you'll see that I am writing a Mass Effect fanfiction which I started in 2015 and is still ongoing. I know the struggle of having to balance out writing & everything else. Keep going & you'll get there. Best of luck!
3/3/2023 c18 Me Myself And I 777
Just discovered this and have been bending it for the last couple of days, awesome story rare to see something like this written by an actual tanker
2/27/2023 c18 Ctrlalta
I only found this in a /k/ GATE Thread recently, and hot damn this is really good
2/21/2023 c18 1Sauwk
Always nice to read more of this story
2/14/2023 c18 TeachMeHowTo03
No fucking mercy. This shit got my dick hard, some real moto shit. ‘Rah. Missing the lack of 03’s in the story, but reading about an Abrams fuckin’ it up in a fantasy world seems fan-fucking-tastic. Keep it up Marine, this shit’s worth its weight in gold. Kill!

Anyway, without all that shit, I’m just hoping to see some 0311’s sometime, the backbone of the Corps. Every Marine a Rifleman and all that shit. Thanks for the story.
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