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for Here We Go Again

3/7 c14 1Sauwk
Like always a really good read
3/7 c14 1chekhov's.firing.squad
Love it, my man! Keep the chapters coming, enjoying every bit. Can't wait to see some of GATE's scenes famous reenacted with the Americans. Kinda bummed that you deleted the old Here We Go Again, as it had its own special feeling.

Any chance you might consider continuing The Greatest Bounty? I know you said it was discontinued, but I loved every second of it.
3/7 c14 SpudyPotato
Awesome stuff
3/7 c4 Asianman2
you have no idea how happy I am to see this again. and yet time has changed so much from the first version to now.

so let's see if you still got it. ps: I spotted some references. vary nice.

Vode An!
3/7 c14 4Major Simi
Well the hand o peace was refused now they will taste fist of war. Anyway great chapter
3/7 c14 8CasualFictionWriter23
It's been a while since I read the last chapter. Hope the next one won't take too long.

I enjoy the pacing of this one better than the previous one.
3/6 c14 ILIKEBEANS123
Freaking cliffhanger
3/6 c14 1thewookie1
What's a CIA? lol

The battle begins and the Remnants will effectively throw themselves at bullets like that's going to help them.

Italica will be the staging point for a great many operations in the future and will be the Coalition's first secured city on a foreign world.

Always a fun read.
3/6 c14 454godamora
Well there are some tones of romance in this chapter. And Pina & Aldritch arguing scream old married couple
1/26 c13 6WellBattle6
I agree, Kincaid definitely inadvertently raised his perceived social standing by letting Lelei assume he’s equites.
1/22 c13 1retrogunner7
I'll be honest, kinda hoping to see how Rory will react to the religions of the other side. I wonder what her thoughts and feeling would be if she read the bible and other holy books? And how a majority of religions have a laissez-faire approach to the masses.
1/18 c13 DanTenson
Hell yeah brother cannot wait to see Rory’s (as well as all the other worlders’) reactions to the death machines in action. Waiting in excitement
1/17 c13 4LightTrain
I can’t wait for this next chapter, Italica’s defense is going to be interesting to see rewritten
1/17 c13 1Sauwk
I just love this story
1/17 c13 1war4sure
Oh no, another Azur Lane addict right here! Good thing because I'm also write AL fanfic here
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