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for Severus Snape and his time at Number 12 Grimauld Place

8/5 c4 Sp00ky Sp00ky
This was really good, I hope that there will be more to the story! I love the idea of the twins worrying about Snape for some reason.
2/13 c4 Guest
Good spot to leave off from and I liked how they distracted Sirius. Can't wait to see what happens.
2/1 c3 Vadimmom
Interesting start. Curious for more.
1/31 c3 Guest
This didn't say anything to move the story along and horrible grammar. It was hard to understand.
1/27 c2 Guest
1/26 c2 Guest
That felt short but still can't wait to see what happens.
1/25 c1 Guest
Good start and love to read more, please continue I'd like to see what happens. Thanks.

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