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5/31 c12 18TheXMan99
Lesson here is don't be a Jack. Things are getting pretty hectic. Great chapter keep it up dude.
5/31 c12 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
wow man this chapter was awsome. What I really loved about it was how you dealt with different prepestives of grief. For example I really loved how you made that quote about nature to be honest I found it a bit insightful and I could relate to it as it treated the reader like a normal adult not a kid. It was the type of mentality i wished you had when you wrote the Rachel scenes in your recent power rangers chapter. You were dealing with a hard truth and how it real it was, for example covid so many countries had to go into lockdown and waiting almost two years now to find a full on vaccine, while there was one with this new variant from India has caused so much more worry as the UK is dealing with a 75% increase in new cases just when we were easing down. So for that quote I loved it and was grateful for it for giving the hope at the end. The other two scenes I liked was how you delt with Boss's and Jacksons views on grief. One person just remembers and the others confuses right with revenge. WHat Jackson wants is revenge, i don't care what he says I can see bullshit when I see it and so it appears his men. If the guy truly cared for his team he would ignore Khan and just hand themsvels into Heiwa's movement. By keeping his hunt for Kong he will only just loose more men and the fool doesn't even see it. While Boss he made an enemy a creature made from wries and metal as a brother, who he loved and mourn and would give anything to have a second more with him. That funeral was how you really do right for your own not what Jackson's doing. SO this was a great chapter telling different sides to the same coin. I understand your working more hours to get more money I respect that and shows you have a great work ethic. honestly it was one of the things I really respected about you and while your job will have easy days and hard days remember it will be worth it in the end. Your the best man and whatever happens don't give it up, if you need any help in anyway just ask it but if not keep being awsome and a man people will know how to respect
5/30 c12 454godamora
Well Jack almost made it out but failed.
5/30 c12 3RonaldM40196867
I hope Kong stomps everything!
5/21 c11 Guest
Please updated soon
5/8 c11 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
Dude that scene when you wrote about Kongs past with his mum. WOnt lie it did click inside me, you did a very excllent job there
5/8 c11 3RonaldM40196867
Beware the monsters!
4/23 c10 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
I like Kallus but I think he needs to be updated on Jackson dude got a morby dick complex and he just confirmed it with this obsession with killing Kong. He may be a good guy but his downfall is his ego and obsession as they beat out his good nature. Great work dude
4/23 c10 3RonaldM40196867
Saya is quite the character.
4/19 c9 Mogor
update this story please.
4/14 c9 LadyKDQ
I love it can't wait for you to right the next one which has ghidorah in it if you are still planning on writing.
4/10 c9 37Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
This was a cool chapter my freind, really loved and you got an old republic reference down sweet but seriously when will that game get a remake? Come on Knights of the old republic was such a awsome game it needs a remake Revan, Malek, Bastila shaun and so many great expanded chracters was awsome. Yet what I really took home from this chapter was the Rex speach on how he missed his brothers and jedi. It felt honest and heartfelt. It was belivable and also sad. War is hell man anyone can tell you that, sadly you are going need to fight for your fellow man, even die for your fellow man if need be. I truly wish this was not so but anyone will a real braincell will tell you this fact. People can be naive sadly thinking war is a choice but in actuality it is only a war to a degree, someone will do somthing, say somthing just somthing that can not be forgiven or forgotten that just makes it clear the only way this thing will end is when the other lot is dead and burried into the ground and no peace talks will ever work again. Yes it is sad the young need to fight and be exposed to such horror but sadly they need to in order for younger not to be exposed to it themselves. The worst part is sadly trama is not limmted to war itself it can still be manisfested during the most peaceful of times. Take Tine Turner her husband had been abuseing her for 10 or even 15 years. Her kids were like ranged from 4 to 8 and they had to be exposed to such posion at such a young age only being freed of it when they where in their twenties but a good portion of their childhood their live was stolen from them for good never to be given back. Seeing their mother in such pain, her tears her anger and not being able to do anything about it or know how to fix it. ANother example would be the count of monte cristo a young man Edmund Dontes framed and inprionsed for being a good person when he was a teenager by a greedy miser, a traitorous judge and the worst one of the lot his best freind of all people. 14 years he spent loosing his youth, being totured by jailers and just looseing his mind. 14 years of that constanlty and finding out his traior of a freind married his girlfreind. Yet we need to look at Rex, Tina and Edmund in different lights their is a moment when you got to say I made it this far in this one moment when your at peace, you have found love and just joy in life strong enough to let go of such bitterness. As a sighn on how strong you are as a person. Thats what Barris failed to do, she had more freedom then the clones and instead of leaving the order and war togather she became a hypocrate and a killer when she should have just called it quits and left like Ashoka did. She made her a person she should not have been and shattered the person she should have been. Rex didn't have this freedom nor did the people I mentioned before hand did not have a choice either. They had to take their battle scars and rely on any postiveness they could find in their lives in that situaion. Trying to blind themselves from the true pain in front of their eyes. Becasue if they ever got wind of this when they were 4 they probbaly would have killed themselves a long time ago at that age. Thats the sad truth. You wrote a good scene there dude.
4/10 c9 3RonaldM40196867
Boss must really enjoy the hunt.
4/8 c8 18TheXMan99
I enjoyed the Peter Jackson reference and they got into trouble fast but then again this is a land that was forgotten. Great chapter keep it up dude.
3/31 c8 454godamora
The V. Rexes. Nice.
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