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for Never Bow Down - Destiny

5/7/2021 c2 TangChang
Oooooh does this mean Percy is Roman
5/7/2021 c1 TangChang
This is dope bro
5/7/2021 c5 Koi
Damn that Camp Jupiter description is cool
5/7/2021 c7 Guestttt
Noice bro , Nico scene was pretty cool ngl
5/6/2021 c9 rohanradeeh
ur discord server is invalid/expired
5/6/2021 c10 rohanradeeh
GO to this s/13801136/1/we-could-walk-straight-through-hell-with-a-smile type scream and see the 6th scream and do the same in the 10th ch both the pov of piper in the story is the same so he is plagarising and this not the the first time it can be seen in the previous chapter also
5/6/2021 c7 2AgeOfHemitheos
Great premise you have here. Good luck for the rest of the story.
5/1/2021 c9 Marcus
NOOOOOO, the chapter has ended. I must have MORE! MORE I TELL YOU! MOREEEE!
Great story, I can’t wait to see what happens next!
4/30/2021 c9 theinvisiblereaderguy
I could have sworn i’d reviewed this before, but alas i was wrong. So let me tell you now that i love this idea you have created and built upon and i hope you see it all the way through. How many chapters do you plan to make these parts?I’m not sure if you answered this already but will this be a slowburn percabeth or do you plan to get them together sooner?
4/30/2021 c9 3PercyJackson'sWorstNightmare
yooooo happy late bday!

another great chapter...as always 3
4/30/2021 c9 SeleneMoonFall
Happy Birthday!
4/29/2021 c9 2Echoxenvy
Oh, and Happy Birthday!
4/29/2021 c9 Echoxenvy
Nice man, I really liked this chapter and the story so far. Thank you for the shoutout and your kind words, they mean a lot and I’m glad you enjoy my story. I was glad to see this chapter end on a happy note with the marshmallow fight. I’ll have to join your discord, maybe we can talk for real sometime.

P.S. My next chapter should be out soon, keep up the good work with this story.
4/19/2021 c8 Guest
Cool start to the story, keep up the good work. Only thing I would fix is that Chapter 3 appears to be the same as Ch. 1
4/17/2021 c8 Greninga19
Love the story
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