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for The Gamer’s Guide to Cultivation

10/23 c1 lolmlbb
really good man
4/20 c2 PasiveNox
great chapter
4/20 c1 PasiveNox
nice start
4/13 c2 smerrick1
I like it can't wait for next chapter
2/18 c2 5Kian Xki
That was too short!
I wanted to read more
Bring more waifu Xun Er!

Shouldn't you have changed the Hot Blooded trait for Sin of Pride in ch1?
I was surprised that the note was in ch2 but there were no changes in ch1
2/13 c2 Noon909
yo dude. this interesting ..please continue
no one ever done this cultivation gamer fic... not that i saw one...
2/12 c2 2blackshadowpanther
keep going! it's good so far!
2/11 c2 End-Times Nigh
I remember reading this Manhua back a long time ago, I'm really interested to see how you mix gamer and cultivation as they aren't mixed much. Looking forward to seeing how you change the story.
2/11 c2 Guest
I’m quite interested to see what happens next does he have a I’d dungeon creat it would fun to see how he fairs against monsters
2/6 c1 AzureSoulReaper
fun start eager to read more
2/2 c1 Scottch
I've been looking for one of these for so long so thank you and I'm looking forward to the future of it!
1/30 c1 1thebesthorsemanwar
Qp Sp should be flipped do Qi being life force
1/30 c1 thebesthorsemanwar
Qp Sp should be flipped do Qi being life force
1/27 c1 Pandas Rule
I like your system format. I look forward to more chapters.
1/26 c1 Guest
Shit, I was wrong about the story, I'm so sorry (although yours would also look great)
I'm really sorry and if I'm Tikio the one who left the other comment and I'm sorry for the annoyance it causes you (although I still feel bad for that macho comment but I also couldn't find another word to make it sound so bad
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