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for the world's on fire and we struck the match

4/26 c2 Rererere
Great writing style but it would be better if you added more conversation between characters.
2/16 c1 Guest
I found you again by chance. Meaning I stumbled on a tumblr post about HG aus with Gadge as the 74th tributes. And I was moved to tears. Then I click on your profile to check out others stories you've written and lo and behold, you are the writer of the historical gadge au with the war of the roses and I. Ahhh. I loved that fic. I remember crying so much and leaving it because I knew it was unfinished and I could not spend my time crying over your writing and being hung up on it, especially since I started reading it on Tumblr and tumblr is not a very good place to read fics if you want to read chapters in the right order. haha. And you also were the one to write the and the clock kept ticking which wahhhhhhh that's another fic that just gave me crying and feels and I was so sad to see that unfinished and could not bear to touch it again for fear it would permanently scar me like it hasn't already.

Point is i love your fics and now thatI've stumbled across you again I'd be rereading your old-er(?) fics which also means feels galore would be coming up. I've already read the shorter gadge ones. Fluffly stories are nice cleansers and I'm glad you have them. Anyways, this is a thank you for sharing your writing. 3 3
2/12 c2 18andromedacrawley
I absolutely love this! I never really read any Gadge stories before this, but you made me fall in love with them! You do a wonderful job capturing Madge’s struggles after returning home from the Games as well as her own confusing feelings for Gale and her jealousy over his love for Katniss. I think one of my favorite parts about this series is how Madge is just as angry as Gale when it comes to the Capitol, it just manifests itself in a different way. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!
2/2 c2 5cynthia-writer
So glad you are continuing this story! Excited to see how the revolution will play out in your story! Lovin it:)
2/2 c2 10FirePheonix11
What an epic, powerful chapter. I can't wait to read the next one and find out what their revolution plan is. You did a really great job of characterizing all of the characters, and writing about Madge's PTSD. I do wish that we could've seen more of the Hawthorne Clan, but you definitely made up for it with everything else you packed into this chapter. Keep up the goodwork!
2/2 c2 bellagrace5388
incredible already and so beautifully written. I love you're writing and the description of madge's feeling are beautiful. so excited for anymore! Xxx
1/29 c1 FirePheonix11
I've been waiting for this forever! I'm so glad it's finally here! Can't wait for the next update :)
1/26 c1 Guest
I was not ready for this update! Thank you for continuing writing

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