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for Picard's New Ship

5/23 c3 Guest
Ooh interesting Voyager with a different capitan will certainly change things.
5/24 c3 Kasharo
Interesting premise, I often wondered how Voyager would be with a different command crew on board. And with Picard in charge, some of the episodes will turn out completely different from the original. For one, Q will be delighted to mon capitan wandering the Delta Quadrant. Not to mention the Borg episodes. I doubt that Picard would even go near Borg space in the first place, though that would be too bad for Seven of NineJean-Luc and his troupe would be much better suited to help her regain her humanity than Janeway ever was.
3/5 c3 84andrewjameswilliams

So far there are no major differences from the canon show, hopefully that will change as time goes on especially as Picard is a far more experienced captain than Janeway. Plus it will be interesting to see someone like Torres learning from the likes of Geordie who having served with a full blood Klingon and known a hybrid as well isn't likely to be at all intimidated by her fiery temper.
2/6 c1 andrewjameswilliams
Interesting start. I wonder how Voyagers voyage in the Delta Quadrant will go with Picard at the helm.

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