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8/1 c4 Curious
Very curious to know which ones are going to be part of Ash main team aside from Porygon who is actually a original choice yet Oddish is already disappointing to me at least...Hopefully the rest of his team is going rare and above all from Kanto...
4/21 c1 3KawaiiCelebi86
watashi RLLY likes porygon2 cuz its red and dats da color of blood and im a vamprie.
4/9 c15 AngelFaux
them. I want you to aim
It should be (them. "I want you to aim)

Good to see Nate again, and wow he has a Snorlax? Jeez. Lool.

All that's needed is for Angelina to have a Jolteon and the original trio would be complete.

Though I'm a bit suprised Dratini was considered extinct up until recently
4/8 c14 AngelFaux
Just finished chapter 14. I really liked it , the battle with Gary was fun. I liked seeing Exeggcute

And it's cool to show that Ash isn't the only one that can have spontaneous midbattle evolution. Satoshi appearing again was also fun
4/8 c14 AngelFaux
I really like little details like Cubone liking mash potatoes and his dislike of Ash cleaning him, or Petal making flower crowns, really helps show their character.

I quite liked the battle with Gary, it was pretty good and it's not often we get to see an Exeggcute.

Seeing Satoshi again was nice
4/8 c13 AngelFaux
Though it kinda implies Ash is unfamiliar with an Alakazam due to checking his pokedex, I'd have thought he'd check it out before hand
4/8 c13 AngelFaux
So Ash lost to Sabrina, well he put up a good fight and beating Damien before hand soothed it.

Cubone seems to be fitting in nicely, so that's good news.
4/1 c12 AngelFaux
I wonder how Cubone maintain a viable breeding population if that's when they tend to habe children. I've seen interpretations that some Cubone skulls are made from earthen materials and, yes bone from other pokemon as a sort of ceramic mask.

It's nice to see Ash and his pokemon training, loving Slowpoke his perspective was definitely interesting, especially when he shared it with Ash. Your interpretation of Psychic is pretty cool.

And Des, Plume, and Sobek I dunno if I'm digging too deep but it's a fun set of shout outs
3/18 c16 5TheCouchEffect
Honestly, take all the time you need to revamp the story and find your motivation. Trust me, I understand how tempting it is to go back and make quality of life improvements to earlier works, so I can respect your desire to do that. Once you do, I'll need to give the whole story another read since it sounds like it'll put everything in a new light. I'm looking forward to it.

So there's still no correct guesses huh? Well I might as well take another stab at it. Is it Togepi? Not only is it absolutely adorable and get a new form in a later Gen, it's also a Fairy type. Something Ash still doesn't have. Plus it'd be cool - no one uses them in stories and that just depresses me.

I wish you good luck with your future work and look forward to whatever you put out. Until then, have a good time.
3/18 c16 magdenfan311
Take all the time you need! As long as you haven't abandoned the fic, then I'm happy to wait. As long as the end result is something that you can be proud of, and it keeps you inspired so you continue, I have no problem with it.

If I had to guess at a new Pokemon, I'd be slightly disappointed already because I want to SCREAM Tangela or Lickitung. I have always loved them (Lickitung-since the minigame on Stadium, Tangela-looks like a fry kid) and they definately don't get enough love. I think that's why I enjoy Traveler as much as I do, because Tangrowth is a very important cornerstone of Ash's team. As far as I know, Lickitung has not been used in a fic, but the reason I'm not getting my hopes up is you said that you're trying not to have doubles in typing on your team, and you already have Dexter as a Normal and Petal as grass. If one of them had a dual Type it may slide, but alas, my hopes are not up for these 2.

Which leaves me to ask a question, by 'getting an evolution' do you mean it evolves INTO another stage in another region or do you mean it just gets another stage like a 'Baby' stage or branch off like Politoad? If it's the latter, my vote is Jigglypuff. Though it's Normal, it's part Fairy and this Cadburry Bunny doesn't get love, I guess because so many people found it annoying from the Anime, but I loved it. Zubat is also a shout (bats are my favorite animal so I love all bat Pokemon), though you have a Poison Type already with Petal, you don't have a Flying Type yet and having one is useful in battling as well as travel, and Crobat is one of the best Flyers out there. Other than that, the only one that I can think of that wont double up on Type is Onix, you don't have a Rock Type yet and it evolves into part Steel. Although if you got a Galarian Farfetch'd it does eveolve into a Fighting Type which you don't have. And on that note, Mr. Mime does get an evolution in Galar. And while both him and Mr. Rime are part Psychic, which you already have covered with Slowpoke, they are both dual Types in Fairy and Ice. I don't know anymore, I'm gonna stop before I amke myself cross-eyed.
3/17 c15 TheCouchEffect
I've finally found the time to read the latest chapters and leave a review! As always, this story is well written and has a good sense of the plot.

One thing I like about this story is how despite Ash being smarter than he is at this point in canon, he's still not perfect. He's still got a long way to go before he's truly experienced. His struggles to overcome those challenges of raising his Pokemon right, understanding their issues, and fulfilling his dream are always great to read.

I'm also loving the scenes we get of all his Pokemon together. They're all so interesting to see. Cubone in particular has my attention. Despite its young age, it seems to be a natural at battles and even has a dangerous rage under the surface. It'll be interesting to see if Ash teaches it to control and ignore its temper... or embrace it. Having a berserker Pokemon that uses its rage and pain to make itself stronger or even push through its typical weaknesses of water or grass could be very useful.

Petal also seems to be going down an interesting road. Seeing the way that it is struggling with its constant losses and failures is something I can relate to. Hopefully Ash realizes that just being there to offer support can be the best help he could offer. Though it does make me think they may be going at this the wrong way. As Ash stated, Petal's greatest strength is his versatility. If he were to change his role from a straight-up fighter to more of a support unit, he could see more success.

One thing I will say is that Gary seems to be struggling as well. For all his arrogance, it seems like he's got an inferiority complex to Ash. If so, I can understand why. He's smart, friends with everyone, strong, and even Gary's own grandfather seems to prefer him. The desperation to win his latest battle with Ash and his constant attempts to talk down to Ash make it seem like he feels lesser, in a way.

I could be misreading things, but I'm curious where you'll take their rivalry. Given how different Ash is as a person in this story, it wouldn't surprise me if their relationship is different too. I wonder how they'll reconcile their differences, if at all.

Now for Team Rocket. They are... so incompetent its funny. I mean, they're more effective than the trio in the anime, but still. The image of a grown man running from two tweens is hilarious. Though I feel like Ash and Nate bit off more than they could chew this time.

Alone in the middle of a Team Rocket base with no way of escape and surrounded by who knows how many Grunts? Ash and Nate may have quality on their side, but quantity has a quality of its own. Not to mention that Ash and Nate are both very vulnerable to violence themselves. It'll be interesting to see how they get out of this.

Anyway, I look forward to your next update.
3/5 c3 obanaanthony7
wait what? i thought it was ritchie for a moment there
2/28 c11 AngelFaux
Petal and Slowbro training

this wild Swanna chase so much easier.
Wouldn't Psyduck fit more since Ash is from Kanto? He called Bidoof rare in a previous chapter, I doubt he'd know what a swanna is.

How does Kit hold the everstone though

to Ash. I'll give you one more riddle
Missing an (") in front of (I'll)

Huh, that's a pretty good explanation for an alternate to Stone evolutions. Good enough for me. And yeah, Flareon are very underused.
2/28 c1 Interested
This is a miracle finally found a story in which Ash gets a very interesting starter and the author won't use aura, this is probably the most original start of a pokemon fanfiction ever.
2/26 c10 AngelFaux
forms of Dexter, petal, and Kit manifesting
Upper case P for Petal

Cool, Slowpoke are rarely used. I like it. Though I'm a bit skeptical of Burn Up. Even if it's 4 on 1 with a handicap, it was pretty impressive. Though I'll chalk Ash saying Arcanine is Elite 4 Level as unreliable narrator.

Personally I'm down for Slowking.
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