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3/18 c1 46Maran Zelde
Fascinating headcanon about Wirt's relatives. It makes me wish there were a story about Wirt and Greg visiting Stan at the Mystery Shack. Heck, I could write one myself - I've been meaning to re-watch GF, anyway.
1/29 c1 Lydia
I loved this! Wirt and Greg are perfectly in character. That phone call is so bittersweet, with Wirt and his dad almost-but-not-quite connecting. And the ending joke is fantastic.
1/28 c1 34Britt30
Freaking love this xD 100% worth the joke
1/26 c1 2SpaceAndInfinity
Ooooo! I love this so much! The plot twist about them being related to the Pine's was really cool. I also loved how Endicott was actually their uncle, that's so awesome! Thanks for the awesome read! :D

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