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7/9 c9 theotakuboy
its a bit cringy the fanfic but is still like it overall so nice job
6/28 c9 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
6/18 c9 Uzu
update please
6/18 c8 xXWrathOfNergalXx
6/14 c8 Guest
Mo-san Ria-san nice one!
6/16 c9 Tsuki katsureta
dude i dont think its a good idea mis all the fates together and all the servants of fgo , just a warming
6/16 c9 SPark681
Hmm, seems things are getting interesting anyways keep up the great work!
6/16 c9 Skull Flame
- Even Abby is joining the party? Just how many Servants are left to appear, I wonder?
- Zouken already knows what Naruto is... Interesting.
- She moved her family's manor right next to Naruto's home? I wonder what magecraft did she use to do that. Also, if Luvia knows something, is to be extravagant.
6/16 c9 Stratos263
Good luck naruto and his allies
6/16 c8 Stratos263
Good luck mordred
6/16 c9 Elchabon
Thanks for the continuation, great chapter.
The lime is very good, and the reason for this.
Muahaha, it's entertaining to read how jealous girls get and try to deny it in a reasonable way.
Hopefully with the time Artoria spends with Rin, she will regain more humanity.
Poor Modred, struggling with her feelings for Naruto, the growing number of girls getting close to her Master / Friend / Crush and the development in her relationship with Arturia.
Damn Zouken, you'll pay for it.
Oh yeah, Jalter is already moving.
Great Jeanne's battle and who I summon to help her. Something tells me that she, the mediator, will have to choose a side in the future.
Rin's face must have been to photograph when he saw the mansion of his "rival" in front of hers. LOL. And how Luvia must have enjoyed it. LOL.
This is one of my favorite stories of yours.
Keep it up and Greetings.
6/16 c9 Dasgun
6/16 c9 human dragon
An amazing chapter as always my friend great job :)
6/15 c9 Robdor Peltan
The list of characters is kinda bloated at this point. I’m having trouble keeping track of everyone, hell, I even forgot jalter was in this.
6/15 c9 Samuel Santillan
I'll be honest:
I loved!
What an intense chapter, don't wait for it, especially the Shirouko recliation and Rin's sister, so the slang that Naruto said in the paeado chapter is not so wrong, it hurts that he does not know, also that old inseco knows that he is Naruto Curiosity kills me, he is not a homunculus, there is doubt about that but what is Naruto then.
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