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for A Heartbreak to Heal

12/30/2021 c5 Guest
Heh I hope the first part of the next chapter contains Percy being the caring/protective/sweet big brother to Estelle..
Maybe Arty (don't say too loud! She might hear) saying but failing on them hanging out.
I have a feeling Alex might be the Spy? He was the closest to Annabeth..
Plus will we see the Olymians finally start claiming their kids from the Hermes Cabin?
12/30/2021 c5 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
8/25/2021 c6 celestial.bi
Honestly, I really dislike how people ship a god/goddess with mortals/demigods, especially Pertemis. Usually this is due to the lack of good writing. But this story totally changed my mind. The writing is impeccable and kinda slow burny, which gives the story more exposition instead of full on shipping. I personally could do without the Pertemis, but I believe it adds even more to the story and character development and seriously changed my entire outlook on such fics. Oof that was lengthy
6/19/2021 c6 2H3110 Hello
This is an amazing book!
6/3/2021 c6 1StrFri
Interesting concept, I look forward to seeing how this story differs from other stories similar to this as it has.
5/24/2021 c2 straightupbread
The line "when i was 18 and you were lester" just cracks me up for some reason
5/19/2021 c6 2Rohan Rodrigues
Happy belated birthday! I'm really enjoying this story, don't get discouraged so easily on it. Looking forward for more updates :)
5/18/2021 c6 MCU fan
This is interesting. I am curious who this new threat is. Please don't ever discontinue this.
Take care and bye...until next time...
5/18/2021 c6 HellRaiderS
Loved it has potential keep the updates coming
5/17/2021 c4 Guest
5/17/2021 c6 3PercyJackson'sWorstNightmare
5/15/2021 c2 29skyatnight13
Half the book is on percy getting feelings for Annabeth. Pertemis is impossible. Artemis would blast percy to the moon
4/25/2021 c5 Saphire02
Haha, I just read the boy who cried werewolf this week. Its great! aaand, thank to you I started the Keeper of Lost cities, and I ABSOLUTLY ADORE IT! :D Tysm for recommending in.
4/25/2021 c5 Cindy
PlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzWRITE MORE!
4/16/2021 c1 PJOBlackjack
Also, don't state if you're doing a time skip. Maybe just add a line like —.
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