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2/13/2021 c14 3alix33
I have a lifelong fear of vomiting, so, commiserations with all of the throwing up, CJ.
The rest of this chapter was SO cute.
2/12/2021 c13 alix33
Those pics of a young Danny and his family sound SO sweet.
I already thought that "Of ourse he does" which just came out of Erin's mouth when Franklin said it to Danny paragraphs earlier in this chapter.
So CJ has hyperemesis gravidarium, the way Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has had with all three of her pregnancies thus far (you'd think by the time pregnancy three rolled around and there she was, again puking her lungs out from implantation almost, she'd go onto the pill or the IUD or something, but no...)?
2/11/2021 c12 alix33
I do not only appear vulnerable (which CJ does not want to do) at the moment and have appeared vulnerable very often in the past. I AM vulnerable AF IRL right now without the Kevlar layer of a fourth ever job in my metaphorical but no less real bulletproof vest that all us introverts wear IRL.
2/8/2021 c11 alix33
You meant "seems to have taken" and "urine output".
Danny's parents eat dinner with a "soup course" every night?!
In South African English "starstruck" is one word. I don't know about the variant you use.
Danny's sister Erin sounds SO NICE. (Yes, I did mean to get shouty there a bit with the all caps, more squealy than shouty, though.)
2/7/2021 c10 alix33
If poor Carol is crying about Talmidge not recognising CJ, what must CJ herself be going through?
In South African English "taxpayer" is one word. I don't know about other variants of English.
It's only winter in August in Africa in the portions of Africa south of the equator.
2/6/2021 c9 1beingKitKat
You’re so evil! It’s been like chapters since Danny and CJ had any meaningful conversations and I’m dying to see how this turns out.
2/5/2021 c9 3alix33
OK, so CJ threw up because she had pregnancy related nausea (because my mom had all day sickness for the duration of all three of her pregnancies and I highly doubt my mom is the only woman ever to suffer thus I don't think it should be called morning sickness), but why was Carol throwing up?
2/4/2021 c8 alix33
Yay! for CJ jotting down those three things she wanted Dnny's perspective on onto a napkin.
2/3/2021 c7 alix33
I flew in a Boeing 737 passenger airplane twice: One day in Setptember 1996, at my previous employer, from Johannesburg to Cape Town (1419.5 kilometres/882 miles) for work and back the next day. I flew in a helicopter once, some time between 1 August 1996 and 1 May 1999, because I accompanied my dad (then a financial journalist for the same newspaper company which laid me off on 31 October last year) on a press junket. I don't think I have ever been up in a hot air balloon.
I have been to game reserves many times, soi I have seen zebra at impala more at eye level, theirs and mine. We in SA have wildebeest, zebras and gazelles, but not nearly as many as the number of those animals that take part in the migration in Kenya each year.
We have crocodiles too, but hippopotamuses (we have those too) are actually more dangerous than any crocodile.
Proper champagne, the sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France, or sparkling wine, from somewhere else in the world, but made according to the French method (we call South African sparkling wines made according to the French method Methode Cap Classique because most South African sparkling wines are made in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape provinces)?
You meant for the pilot to say "bend your knees".
2/1/2021 c6 61babyphd
I had never heard this music so I went to You tube. I must say it was beautiful and I can just imagine what CJ felt like listening to it under the immense stars in the African night sky.
2/1/2021 c6 3alix33
Mediation schmediation. Thabo Mbeki and the rest of the South African team of alleged mediators swallowed anything Zanu-PF, the former liberation movement, ally of the ANC in exile and political party of Robert Mugabe who lost that election told them.
People in anything I read who make mental notes piss me off, because I can make mental notes all I want, but if I don't make an actual physical note somewhere (on my phone, in awork notebook or a tiny shopping list notebook I kee in my wallet) at some point, that mental note goes to ish.
In my neighbourhood in Johannesburg there is so much light pollution that it's actually lighter outside than indoors at night during rolling blackouts.
1/31/2021 c5 alix33
The day I had the inititial meeting with the author whose manuscript I proofread the largest bit of yesterday South African time (my first ever freelance proofreading job. I am getting paid ZAR300/$19.75 an hour), as the author and I left the diner type place where we had our discussion sitting in the outdoors seating area I told her that people intimidate and scare me even more now that I am laid off and unemployed than what people scared and intimidated me before (which was already loads). She wondered out loud if i didn't have PTSD from or because of the lengthy layoff process (from 18 August until my last night work shift on 29 October 2020). ut I think I know as little as you do, maybe even less, about PTSD.
1/30/2021 c4 alix33
And as one of the more affluent and white citizens of South Africa, a member country of SADC, I can tell you that SADC membership, its alleged commitments and its founding charter is not worth the paper it was written on and it has attained none of its stated goals. Franklin's Foundation should check that they're not getting fleeced or defrauded on a massive scale.
CJ is more noble, by magnitudes, than I would have bene, were I in her situation. She's letting Skye stay.
1/29/2021 c3 alix33
I liked the alliteration in "death,destruction, and despair". And the assonance in "unnoticed and untold".
It would not surprise me at all if the IMO immesurably creepy Skye (who just became even creeipier with that revelation of her taking photos of Danny while he was in the throes of however many bouts of dysentry) did have a shrine filled with stashed away photos of Danny somewhere. Or have I been watching far too many shows on the crime channels on DStv, South Africa's satellite and on-demand TV service?
1/28/2021 c2 alix33
"mean-spirited" should be hyphenated, not two separate words. As should "mock-up".
Did you mean for Skye to creep your readers out as much as she did me? Because every fibre of my being is creeped out.
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