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for Alone in the Dark

3/28 c7 3addalittlesmoke
Sooooooooooo happy there was another chapter, thank you for updating. Excited for your next story!
3/10 c6 addalittlesmoke
I'm sad this story is over, but the ending was soooooooo great. You are a fantastic writer. I loved this story and I can't wait for your next one!
2/26 c5 addalittlesmoke
Thanks for updating! This chapter was really good, your dialogue writing is great. DON'T worry about writer's block. It just makes everything more stressful. I love this story and am excited for the next one!
2/11 c4 Waylaiken
great chapter cant wait until he meets dionysus
2/10 c4 addalittlesmoke
The combat was really cool! I love Jimmy's hear voices, they are really interesting. And I know this sounds cheesy, but his backstory left me wanting more. Thanks for updating!
2/3 c3 addalittlesmoke
You did a great job writing from a female point of view. Thank you for updating, this chapter was really good!
2/1 c2 addalittlesmoke
Yay, another update! This chapter was really good. As for writing from a female point of view, it's basically the same as writing from a male point of view. At least, that's how I write. Since it's Annabeth that we are talking about, if think about her defining character traits and include then I'm your writing.
1/27 c1 addalittlesmoke
This is really interesting. I like your character.

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