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for From Thedas to Westeros

1h c12 Guest
Love this story.
The backstory she made up makes it sound like she's from the Empire of the Dawn. I would love to see the maesters reactions if they come to that conclusion.
I hear there is a fan theory that the maesters conspired to kill the dragons and cause Robert's rebelion in order to end the Targaryens. Will they try the same with her? They hate magic. She is their worst nightmare.
I would love to see them going crazy
1/10 c12 Guest
Love this story.
Was your description of her new humanoid form based on Irene Belserion from Fairy Tail? Because her behavior and appearance sound exactly the same
1/10 c12 saelinne
If you are comfortable and willing to learn how to build a PC yourself, normally I would always say go for the self build, but with the current crazy GPU prices maybe a prebuild isn't such a bad idea. What exactly are you looking for and the price range you are ok with? General advice I could give about prebuilds is to google everything (the company and if you can find it the product itself). You don't want to buy something that looks good on paper, but turns out that it has a bad power supply, because the company is trying to save money. And a power supply is a very important part of a PC:)
1/9 c12 Ensent
I use a prebuilt PC for high end gaming, yes they are definitely worth it though some parts of it are low-end and should be replaced, I haven't needed to yet. I would recommend an ASUS prebuilt.
1/8 c12 7raw666
On PC depend on your needs. Prebuilt ones can be good but a pain to upgrade since the case is usually tiny. If you are a gamer or designer (computer or artist), even on a budget, it's not worth it. And it can be cheaper to buy components and install them yourself or get someone to build them for you. Provided you know what you are doing and don't have to install everything from scratch ( maybe).
On the other hand, a prebuilt may be an excellent idea to have a base for future upgrades. Also, if you are doing office work or typing, it is less of a hassle and comes with programs you need and want. And you will only need to upgrade it for a decade.
I love both the premise and execution of this story. Almost makes me wish you would drop other stories to work on this one more often, but I enjoy some of your other stories too much. Can’t wait for the next update
1/7 c12 4Alucard
Also for the Youjo Senki x one piece, does that mean we won’t have Galadriel?! That’s would be sad as Gali is besty.
1/7 c12 4Alucard
That really sucks for the lost of your progress I wish you the best though
1/7 c12 Guest
Nice progression chapter, as for the pc...
Pre-built going to run you 100 to 200 more depending on the brand...
Try to buy one with enough ram depending the game/task you want it for bc they save money by having minimum spec on mobo and see if the gpu is well cooled that's pretty mouch it.
1/7 c12 naruto
great chapter keep it up
1/7 c12 Guest
This story is beautiful work. Why don't you also buy an external hard drive and some USB flash drives to serve as backups. Ever time you type a new chapter copy it to back-up immediately
1/7 c12 mrzram
What happened to Elbert Arryn, Jon Arryns nephew and heir? In the OTL he was killed by the Mad King when he went to Kings Landing alongside Brandon Stark. He should be alive and unwed since he's around same age as Ned and Robert. It would make more sense for Cersie to be married to the young heir and future lord of the Vale than to his old and widowed current Lord of the Vale.
1/7 c12 3RonaldM40196867
Hawke is on the move!
1/7 c12 2Deras94
prebuilt can certainly be worth it, but there are some brands best avoided, like dell and Alienware
1/6 c12 7ZeaDragon
Honestly, I'm happy this even gets updated! Hope your're doing well!
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