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7/20 c13 keotaka1
Please continue
4/16 c8 Ltbutterfly287
The internal dialogue of Hawke is so stupid to read, it's like a cringe anime MC or some half assed SI writing. To have someone who was charismatic and could command a room be reduced to someone who freaks out over everything is cringe and honestly it has to much of a panicky anime MC vibe to be any good.
4/16 c7 Ltbutterfly287
This is some of the most forced this I've ever read. No one thinks that the dragon serves the Targaryns. Even then there isn't a shred of evidence of Lyanna being taken by the dragon when they only said they found some of her cloth in the river. It feels like your trying to force a rebellion that can easily be dissolved.
4/16 c5 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly without Lysa Aryn in the capital to manipulate so he can gain power Petyr doesn't really have the means to cause all that much damage unless you make him an idiot who starts framing people to get his desired affect.
4/16 c1 Ltbutterfly287
No mage in Dragon age need a staff to cast spells. They are only used to increase the power not for actual casting. Also seeing how she's a dragon with her mind intact she could very well become something similar to the ancient tevintar gods.
3/16 c13 7raw666
Good job and keep up the excellent work.
3/13 c5 Terracotta Tortilla
Hawke has the social skills and guile of an American High School reject. Does she really have no awareness of how her words sound to others?

Christ, you've made this character dumb.
3/13 c3 Terracotta Tortilla
You've made Hawke is pretty dumb in this story. This is the one who saved everyone in Dragon Age 2?

Also with her characterization...Was this written by a guy? An awkward guy?
3/10 c13 naruto
great chapter keep it up
3/7 c8 Guest
Tywins got balls of steel to glare down at what amounts to a dragon compressed into a human form

Or is he stupid?

Either or lol

Does he think she won’t kill him for it lol?
3/7 c13 Guest
She unknowingly saved a Blackfyre girl and if she were able to produce a son, the Golden Company will likely wage war again to seat what they think is their rightful king. Though I wish to see if Amel wil teach them that as much as she can heal and give, she can destroy and take that blessing. As for the slave trade in Essos, Braavos will wholly support the entire ordeal and as Amel destroy those cities and enslaving people, the Iron Bank can expand their influence by making business with the now poor cities who suffered an Elder Dragon's wrath.
3/8 c13 ficreader2011
finally, Hawke takes on the slavers.
3/7 c13 aabbccss
honestly its kinda sad this story is on b tier list had potential. thanks for the update tho!
3/7 c13 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
3/7 c13 ian12091995
Your story is one of the best.
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