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9/27 c8 Hadrian.Caeser
9/27 c8 Porcalein
Nooooo more please
9/27 c8 3RonaldM40196867
Keeping thinking that Hawke.
9/27 c8 5Sage Rikudo
great to see this updated after so long. this is my favourite among all of your fics and I was disappointed that it's updates kept getting postponed.
9/27 c8 GoAnimeGo
Glad to see a new chapter really enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to the next one
7/16 c7 Goldspark1
Well, I just got done reading the first seven chapter. Honestly, it is pretty good.

First, the grammar. The grammar in this story is very good. All the line deliveries from characters are well done. The descriptions and what everything is thinking is also well done. So awesome job on grammar.

Second, greatly enjoyed the story. I personally do not read the extended universe of Game of Thrones. Only watching the TV series. So thanks for taking the time to explain who all the characters are and what their interactions are to each other. One of my favorite moments was when king Rhegar held a meeting with his advisors and the two sides were divided on how to deal with the red dragon. And the differences all had to do with political ambition. Twyin Lannister wants the dragon dead because the dragon only lends even more legitimacy to the Targaryen line. While Rhegar is more patient and knows that angering such a powerful dragon is not a good idea. This is why I love Game of Thrones with all the political maneuvering of different houses and people while ignoring any nuance on how to solve the problems facing the continent.

I am split on Hawke/Amell. One, she has a great personality. She really does miss her friends back home and actually gives examples of the events that grew such a strong bond to her friends. She also talks about the Void and why she is hesitant to return there. She has agency in the story when she killed king Aerys. And when she speaks, she cannot speak the common tongue in the beginning, leading to interesting scenarios. On the other hand, this story drops the language barrier a little fast to make it a source for interesting conflict. Also, she is just too powerful. The biggest dragon in the world that can wield magic not bound by the same rules of this world.
6/22 c7 Statess
I hope when the dragon lady gets pregnant she is forced to stay in her dragon form. Also since you said she was fat before make her immobile because of the Duden of eggs in her XD. (Also would wish it would take years for the eggs to be ready to be layed.
Keep up the great story!
6/15 c1 guest
youare forceing rebellion to much you dont need to this story close to cannon your story mostly are almost og why change in this. your og story are your speciallty dont change it with cliche
6/15 c7 aman
well starks are idiots everyone knows it. but i dont like wherethis story is getting i hope i get reaction of targaryn about letter and other thing. but everyone want to fuck starks which is very cliche using petry as shit is allso same hope you change and clear this misunderstandings and brings a story which is diff from cannon in which petyr dont have martin plot armour protection
6/15 c6 Guest
You should connect this to tresspasser.
6/16 c7 antonio.cue.gervas
This chapter is amistake. You've solidly established an AU. Forcing Robert's rebellion here is completely forced. The travel times don't hold. Pretty disappointing
6/13 c7 Guest
Let's hope hawke don't became a targaryen slave
6/12 c7 Flamingtailspin
Awesome chapter can’t wait to see what happens
6/11 c7 naruto
great chapter keep it up
6/11 c7 kage88
wow simply wow
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