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6/11 c7 Guest
WTF is that travel speed, did brandon teleport just like season 8
6/11 c7 Guest
Nobles have all sorts of advantages over smallfolk life yet alliances is for noblity why does lyanna think she so special ?
6/11 c7 Canaryz
Shit still happens even the mad king died, i see.. and i dont know why.. but i can only imagine hawke as coco..
6/11 c7 biogust.45
A brawl is flat out, kings are fighting, the guys need to learn to relax, at the first rumor they start to take up arms. I wonder, wasn't it better to check out the island where Hawke is? Nope, alpha male needs to show testosterone.

Meanwhile, Hawke drinking tea and thinking: I have nothing to do with this~
6/11 c7 Porcalein
Happy birthday to me
6/10 c7 osterreicher97
Hmmm... interesting... of course, Petyr just had to be a little shit. However, I am concerned with how foolish of a way that everyone has reacted...
6/10 c7 Cold Amarok
how did they get to kings landing so quickly? only possibility I can think of is by boat but even then I would take more than a week and even longer for the Ravens to get to the Isle of faces. I actually really like the story and I'm interested to see where it goes but this chapter feel s like you're trying to force the rebellion to happen as close to Canon as possible.
6/10 c7 Cat Eyes In The Night
Please don't make hawke start apologising or taking responsibility she's a dragon now she is above such rubbish.
6/10 c7 8UndeadLord22
Welp, better hurry up before the misunderstanding gets bigger
6/10 c7 5Sage Rikudo
great chapter, glad to see this updated as it is my favourite amongst your stories. Hope that this is updated soon
6/10 c7 2TsknRaider
Not going to lie, this chapter was a bit of a disappointment for me. Your story has a good premise but, imo, the addition of your character has radically changed canon. It makes little sense for the Rebellion to happen again. Everyone knows where the dragon lives. Everyone knows it's not under the control of House Targaryen. Why would the Starks just charge into King's Landing like last time? Sticking to canon even when your OC has already made massive waves is a sign of a bad fic. It's a cliché of the medium, and diverging from it will make your story better.
6/10 c7 3RonaldM40196867
That was interesting.
6/2 c6 Hadrian.Caeser
House Frey is going extinct for this. As if a great house would tolerate such an act by such a disliked lesser house
5/29 c1 Hadrian.Caeser
5/21 c6 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
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