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for From Thedas to Westeros

5/21 c6 1thomassmith69
Just found this story. Nice way it’s going. Can’t wait for more :)
5/21 c6 5Sage Rikudo
awesome, can't wait for your next chapter
5/20 c6 1The-Grave-Walker
Damn you Great Author. You big tease! Great chapter even if it played out to feeling shorter than it is.. Remember, no need to rush chapter production for us. (No matter the certain readers who throw fits) Keep calm and carry on to the next chapter! And best of luck to ya!
5/20 c6 osterreicher97
Oh boy... that's rough, though hopefully this is a lesson learned for Lyanna. However, what is more disturbing is that Baelish clearly arranged that...
5/20 c6 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/20 c6 jwmf
this chapter... i have to say, it's incomplete. to short, and for me, who whait dor weaks to read about the light amcient Dragon in westeros this, was disapointed.
5/20 c6 kage88
5/20 c6 3RonaldM40196867
There certainly isn’t any shyness here.
5/20 c6 Sw3X
I do love your stories. And this one is my favorite. I loved Hawke as a character and having her in game of thrones is awesome. Looking forward to the next installment.
5/20 c6 husivarga1412
New chapter! Thank you, author!
5/5 c5 Guest
Please update
5/3 c5 saelinne
Well, it is a little disappointing that Rhaenys is not one of the characters in the description. I always find it very amusing when a small, innocent child ends up befriending an incredibly dangerous and scary creature:)
...ahh but no matter...the misunderstanding that Hawke wants (or at least is interested) Rhaenys as a wife will be hilarious! I wonder how Rhaegar and Elia will react.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful fic.
4/27 c5 naruto
great chapter keep it up and it is to bad about the chapter. thanks
4/25 c5 1The-Grave-Walker
Even if short, I'm still thrilled. I can only imagine the awkwardness in them misunderstanding her feelings for children. Hopefully that is cleared up very quickly. She does not need that kind of rept.
4/25 c5 Flamingtailspin
Amazing ! Can’t wait till next chapter
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