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2/19/2021 c4 helkil
I hope she finds dragon eggs and raises them like her kids I also hope she gets a Targaryen girlfriend
2/19/2021 c4 kage88
wow simply wow
2/18/2021 c4 1The-Grave-Walker
Yes! Praise the new sexy dragon overlord!
2/18/2021 c4 5Sage Rikudo
awesome, this has become my favourite amongst all of your stories.
2/18/2021 c4 3RonaldM40196867
Risks are a part of life.
2/18/2021 c4 1The Book of Tales
I didn't even know I wanted this story until I read it. Amazing work.
2/9/2021 c3 11The Fox Paradox 9
What a fever dream of a crossover story, I love it.
2/7/2021 c3 Flamingtailspin
Love this can’t wait till The next chapter
2/6/2021 c3 5Sage Rikudo
awesome story.
like with all of your other stories I can't help but keep imagining the next events in my head.
Keep up the good work, would love to read the next chapter.
2/6/2021 c3 DentingZero4
I'm loving this so far. Keep up the good work :D
2/4/2021 c3 Caver Floyd
This story just got a whole lot weirder. I was hoping if she was ever able to transform, she would be normal, even if naked. Looking like a goddam Qunari is ehhhh.
2/4/2021 c3 overpalada
Oh god, I can clearly see all the foolish nobles that will try to "tame" the dragon lady now, that will be chaotic.
2/4/2021 c3 1The-Grave-Walker
By the Lord, I can already see it now, foolish or insane nobles wanting to bang that dragon booty. This story just got a lot a maga dose of fun content to come. Thanks for updating and I wish you Author the best of luck.
2/4/2021 c3 MillieBelle
Umm... words like "Mom, mommy, and daddy" sound too modern. I think mother and father are the best words to use when a child refers to their parents.
2/4/2021 c3 2TsknRaider
Loving it. Can't wait for the political clusterfucks to come.
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