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10/15/2021 c14 dmvan
Jack punched Gibbs? What?

Kissing. Yeah, that's more like it!

Of course Gibbs has a plan, and quit punching him, Jack!

Talk about cutting it close, McGee.

Yay, Gibbs and Sloane get their happy ending!
9/3/2021 c13 dmvan
Ahhhhh, Gibbs likes DiNozzo's singing! :)

With all the beating Gibbs has taken, I'm actually kinda surprised he's still alive.

Hope this plan of Gibbs happens quickly.
9/1/2021 c13 3Troubled-Angel-26
this is good
9/1/2021 c13 Troubled-Angel-26
this is goos
8/16/2021 c12 dmvan
A pissed off Gibbs is never good.

And OF COURSE, Gibbs won't tell anyone and go by himself.

Helpful tips:

Kilometers is not used in the US.

"What do you want, hun?" - should be huh. You've used that several times.
7/20/2021 c11 dmvan
Oh, noooo, what's up with Vance?

Gibbs asking Sloane to dinner. How adorable!

Hugs for the team!

Oh, noooooo that da*n opioid drug pipeline again.

Yay Fornell, for getting Gibbs to laugh!

Here I thought it was a lovely ending to a really crappy day for Gibbs and you go and do that to them.
They just never get a break.

Can't believe he bought her a dress, though. WOW.

Just when I thought this story was ending you go and throw in another curve.
7/19/2021 c1 valerienav7
write more
7/19/2021 c11 Troubled-Angel-26
this is good but oh no
6/30/2021 c10 dmvan
Poor Gibbs.

Great timing by Dr. Grace!

I love when she calls Gibbs Popeye!

Ohhh, Gibbs (tears).

Good quote, Dr. Grace.

Mutual feelings! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

So they don't get their ever happily ever after because they're still being watched. Sighhhhhhhh.
6/7/2021 c9 dmvan
Even in his nightmares Gibbs gets the crap beaten out of himself.

That beginning sure had me confused, though.

Since Sloane stayed with him he wasn't scared that something had happened when he woke up the next morning!

And yes, his blue eyes are beautiful!

Steak and bourbon? Who can pass up an offer like that?

Yes, a session with Dr Grace is in the future for both of them.

I'm not sure if I trust Anna. She was a bit too nosy for my liking, and Sloane gave information a bit too freely . . .
5/10/2021 c8 dmvan
Jack to the rescue . . .

Good timing by NCIS and REACT!

Alexi Myshkin? That's a surprise.

Oh, noooooooooooo.

Gibbs and Sloane have to be OK.
4/26/2021 c7 dmvan
Paraguay all over again.

Of course Gibbs is a tough son of a bitch. He's a Marine afterall! OORAH!

You know, I really just want to slap Torres, and even Bishop. They've worked with Gibbs long enough that they know this is how he operates, and it was very important to get that computer out!

Sloane is a badass.

"Can I shoot him for not knowing the Avengers." Ha Ha Ha

Love his "last" words!

Knowing you, I have a feeling the tables are going to turn again.
4/12/2021 c6 dmvan
Hopefully Vance can get something from Vladimir!

Oh, that McGee, calling the Director "Boss."

Gibbs is DEFINITELY one stubborn bastard.

Yeah, Fornell, Gibbs will definitely kill you if something happens to Sloane.


Hopefully the laptop Fornell has will provide some useful information.
3/25/2021 c5 dmvan
McGee certainly does sound like Gibbs.

I'm sorry, but Bishop is ticking me off. Vance already said it was a direct order from SecNav, so get over yourself, get to work and find out what happened to them!

Poor Fornell keeps getting forgotten about.


Gibbs and his aversion to cell phones (they don't work when you need them!) and computers!

And Gibbs not knowing who Black Widow is.

Yeah, that gray haired bastard is DEFINITELY too smart!

And Gibbs calling Fornell bald.

Lots of humor in this chapter, but suspense as well with them being hunted and Gibbs being caught and roughed up.
3/8/2021 c4 dmvan
Fornell has a point.


Way to go, Jack!

Fornell fights nasty.

Three bad guys down and out!

Yes, this is NOT THE TIME TO DEBATE. Get the heck outta there!

I'm going to bet that their escape won't go as planned.
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