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for Light in the Darkness

3/8 c1 17MandalaMarigold
Oh wow! This was so lovely! I think it perfectly captures how the ice chipped away in the beginning, the slow understanding and trust In one another developed just like this!
1/31 c1 Mosaika
Oh, I love this! He was surprised by her care and kindness for him but in her eyes, he already belonged to this house even though he hasn't been here in forever.
1/30 c1 28bloom-and-grow-forever
Oh how lovely. You wrote their acquaintance (such as it was at the time) so perfectly.
1/29 c1 37seven dragons
I enjoyed this story. It always interests me what Lucien’s first days in the Blake house must have been like.
1/29 c1 PerfectSublimeRebel
There have been several fics set during this period just after Thomas Blake's death. The quiet, observant elegance of your piece sets it apart. I enjoyed reading it very much.
1/29 c1 8Dream of Ragtime
Aww this is so beautiful! And so very much in character...well done!

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