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5/13/2022 c26 tunsia
Lovely epilogue. Have I mentioned how much I love jasper as a character. Can’t wait for part 4 …best series I have read. Thanks!
5/13/2022 c26 Guest
I love these two! I hope part "4" is when they decide to have a baby. Can't wait to see Bella grow now as a mom
5/13/2022 c26 janiqs
Adore! Thank you!
5/13/2022 c26 twilightobsesser2
Tears i love them so much
5/13/2022 c26 AnakinSmom
Sad to say goodbye to them but hopefully not for too long!
5/13/2022 c26 SnapDragon406
Absolutely love this whole saga. Honestly, I feel very lucky that I'm "late to the party" on this series. I found you about half way through Closure, so I was able to read the whole series over a two week period. But now, I guess I must wait with baited breath until your return. Thank you for sharing these two and their whole world.
5/13/2022 c26 tigsy-20-08
Just wanted to say thank you for writing such a great story
5/13/2022 c26 Guest
Yes yes yes
A part four! OMG
Thank you so much
5/13/2022 c26 larsand
Thank you
5/13/2022 c26 MoonlitDame
So so so so happy that part 4 is coming soon! What an amazing series you have written! Can’t wait to read more! :)
5/13/2022 c26 woosh48
So happy there will be a part four!
5/13/2022 c26 prettymomma128
I loved this chapter. Great job!
5/13/2022 c26 1JayNahNah
So good. Cannot wait for part 4
5/13/2022 c26 1twilight4life08
Absolutely loved this story. Can’t wait for part 4.
5/13/2022 c26 BoLuvsTwilight
This is one of my favorite series ever. I have so enjoyed the journey with them. Great work. I can’t wait to read more.
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