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4/24/2022 c25 ksan20022
ahhhh loved it as always. so excited for the epilogue
4/24/2022 c25 biblepam
Thanks so much for the update. I sort of hate there is not a video for this show because I would love to see this
4/24/2022 c10 Jillgrab
I have a feeling she missed a little bit of the speech getting lost in her thoughts
4/24/2022 c25 fanfictionalcolic
What a beautiful chapter
4/24/2022 c25 mommymac0508
I loved loved loved this chapter
4/24/2022 c6 Jillgrab
I’m not even half way through this story but I hope you have more planned. I would love to see them get married. See them have babies. Make the life together that they both want. I hope that’s something you plan on exploring with these characters
4/23/2022 c25 Jeraly
I love how you ended it here. Thank you for all of your time for our enjoyment
4/23/2022 c25 3Evelyne-raconte
I LOVE IT ! Thank you for an other amazing chapter and this wonderful serie.
4/23/2022 c25 sakari-x
Such a great last chapter, having Edward interview Bella is really the perfect finish to this story. These two have been through so much to get to this point, it's wonderful to see them end in such a good place. Wonderful, thanks!
4/23/2022 c25 Mom23xx
I loved every word! I know there will be an epi but I will miss these two.
4/23/2022 c25 lwig
Loved it. Favorite story, series ever.
4/23/2022 c25 Myra030
They're great together. So nice thay everyone will get to see it at least once. I'm curious about all the possible questions for Edward.
4/23/2022 c25 7Lizzie Paige
What a journey these guys have had. Thank you for sharing them with us. Looking forward to the epi. :)
4/23/2022 c25 Guest
No they’re so cute
4/23/2022 c25 shopperlm
What a great series! Really enjoyed it!
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