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4/8/2022 c24 Marymary123
Yes the Hopeless series #4 Yippie... Love ya
4/8/2022 c24 traceybuie
I love that Edward and Bella had a problem free honeymoon and are even closer now. Thanks for writing and sharing.
4/8/2022 c24 Teamrob2
4/8/2022 c24 Guiltypleasure82
Awww more dogs! I really can't wait for Bella's interview on the show.
4/8/2022 c24 Mom23xx
Oh I love these two. Even through all the heart ache and pain they are quite a pair!
4/8/2022 c24 susanreader
I think I started the Hopeless series back when you were first writing it, and I don't know what happened, but I never finished. I think I'll have to start it over.
4/8/2022 c24 Cullenosopy
The more pets the merrier.

Thank you!
4/8/2022 c24 redviolet
Love the honeymoon. Love the engraved ring. Love the family. Love the dog. Love E&B. Love the update! Thanks!
4/8/2022 c24 Guest
4/8/2022 c24 Guest
I understand why she decided to drop the charges against Renne. But I would love to see the bitch going down!
4/8/2022 c24 cctwilight
They had such a good honeymoon. It's good that Bella liked Gus instantly or Masen would have to take him to his mom's house. Edward is so happy with Bella.
4/8/2022 c24 MsLiss
Great chapter thank you
4/8/2022 c24 pipelynn
This was great! Nice to have some sweet and no drama for them!
4/8/2022 c24 Romana973
Thanks for a great chapter!
4/8/2022 c24 debslmac
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