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1/29/2023 c16 debb lavoie
This chapter was perfect, you hit all the feels for me, I felt like the hospital room was right in front of me. Well done.
1/29/2023 c15 debb lavoie
Omg, I hope Tyler rots in prison.
1/29/2023 c14 debb lavoie
The dates are so cute. I'm afraid for Bella, Tyler is crazy.
1/29/2023 c13 debb lavoie
Oh goodness poor baby. That family cannot keep getting away with their BS. Go get 'em Bella.
1/29/2023 c12 debb lavoie
So many cute moments! Love all the magazines, how she looks at her ring, and now has her own publicist.
1/29/2023 c11 debb lavoie
Love seeing them both so happy.
1/29/2023 c10 debb lavoie
That was adorable the way she said YES.
1/29/2023 c9 debb lavoie
I'm sorry about your dad.
Tyler has a lot of nerve. She shouldn't sign it; why should he be relaxed.
1/29/2023 c8 debb lavoie
Loving the story. It still amazes me how people focus on Edward and Bella and blame them for the divorce when Irina was having her own.
1/29/2023 c7 debb lavoie
That was a touching moment between Bella and Esme.
1/29/2023 c6 debb lavoie
An excellent chapter, wonder why Edward is furious.
1/28/2023 c5 debb lavoie
Poor Bella, only now does she have people who believe her.
1/28/2023 c4 debb lavoie
Jasper was so nice to Bella. Court went well I'm happy to see.
1/28/2023 c3 debb lavoie
Sixteen and will be kissed. That Ethan sounds like a good boy. Bella's professor was out of line.
1/28/2023 c2 debb lavoie
That woman was nasty knowing Edward was seeing someone.
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