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for Closure

5/14/2022 c26 Nora
Thank you for another great piece. I have loved Bella’s inner voice, the humor, and of course the sweet, tender love she and Edward have.
5/14/2022 c26 PCCTwiFF23
I'm definitely among those who hold these two dear to my heart! Thank you for sharing yourself, your creativity, with us!
5/14/2022 c26 30Rebadams7
Closing g then end
Like a book you had to read
But never liked
On to littérarités pursuits
That please
The lessons learned
Never forgotten
Never at the forefront
5/14/2022 c26 edwards-debussy
Thank you! So glad we won’t be saying goodbye to these two just yet ;)
5/14/2022 c26 Cullenosopy
Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed this and am looking forward to part four!
5/14/2022 c26 justcallmemj
So sad that it’s over for now! Love these characters so much.
5/14/2022 c26 mommymac0508
Yes I was about to cry thinking it was all over

I loved it
5/14/2022 c26 cass5804
This was amazing as always! I’ve read it twice already. Thank you for this beautiful story and for taking the time to finish it, it will live as one of my favorite stories forever!
5/14/2022 c26 bearygirl
Loved, loved loved this story, thanks for sharing. Can't wait for part four.
5/14/2022 c26 ChrisDGoosey
I’m going to find it difficult to write about this fic and the series without being accused of hyperbole. Brilliant, intelligent, mature writing that manages to examine human anxieties and frailties while building characters you just fall in love with. I’m not always a big Bella fan but this one I supported all the way. Her struggles and achievements were so well written and she never became whiny. Meanwhile, this Edward is simply perfection. I wouldn’t change a thing and together, these two are magic. One other point I’d like to make is that this author can write lemons like no other! Incredibly high quality writing throughout the series. Huge thank you.
5/14/2022 c26 onlybelieved
wait part 4?! please dont toy with my feelings like that. I’m not ready to let them go. I love them both so much. Thanks for writing and sharing!
5/13/2022 c26 Thankyou
It's hard to let these guys go! I'm glad to hear that there will be a part 4...but I'll cry when it's over too. Good job.
5/13/2022 c26 hillybob
Aww I bloody loved it! Thank you
5/13/2022 c26 mommapurvis
I’ve read this chapter so many times. Don’t make me wait for part four. I can’t take it
5/13/2022 c26 VryUnique
Awesome story! I can’t wait for more.
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