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for The Case of the Casting Couch

6/17 c6 GinnyB
Good story, unfortunately very true to life, it seems. You've got plenty of suspects lined up besides Heidi, so will be interesting to see how you handle this. Will Raymond Burr play a further part?
6/17 c6 tengland2
Mendes is such a sleeze, got what he deserved. Interesting, looking forward to more.
6/18 c6 Tamarral
Great update
6/16 c6 A Carwile
Heidi’s life skills are approaching the level of her acting skills. This time, arrested for murder. Can’t but wonder who really killed Mendez.
6/17 c6 6PD4758PW
The first smart thing Heidi has done was fleeing from her apartment and going right to Perry's office after Mendes forced his way into her apartment. There are a lot of suspects for Perry and the team to start gathering information from. At this point, I would hate to guess who actually killed the slime ball. I'll wait for hints in your writing (which, I'm sure, could lead me in many different directions). Good update. Thanks for writing.
6/14 c5 Guest
Please continue this story
5/6 c4 Guest
heidi had every reason to kill mendez but i don't think she did it. i hope she told perry about the incident.
5/2 c5 Lovecats
I hope Paul gets there to save Heidi. You are so talented. I enjoy all your stories.
5/2 c5 A Carwile
Ahh. A young woman has worked hard to develop her talent. She takes the next step, not realizing the rules have changed. Her life skills are not on a par with her acting skills. Because of that, she does not wait for advice of counsel. It is an age old tragedy.
Your skills are tremendous and you are a pleasure to read.
5/3 c5 PD4758PW
Julio Mendes gets slimier every chapter. He's making a lot of enemies! Heidi was so traumatized but she made another huge mistake going back to his office. Perry really has his hands full with her immaturity and poor judgement. Good update.
5/2 c5 tengland2
Heidi certainly gotten herself into a mess. Knows she should have talked to Perry. Mendes hopefully gets what he deserves soon. Thanks for sharing.
5/2 c5 Poohbuds
This is getting good!
4/2 c4 52shari
We knew Perry had done his homework Duncan was as dishonest as they come. Mendez is just slummy and on a power trip. Unfortunately Heidi is so naive and desperate to be famous that she would sign a contract after everything Perry has told her. Bad things are coming her way. Love a romantic dinner between Perry and Della
3/26 c4 Guest
loved it. can you fix heidi's big mistake as you did the other one.
3/28 c4 3RossButler23
I love this so far; CAn't wait to see what happens n later chapters. Keep it up.
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