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for Only a Job

9/12 c28 Guest
I really love this story and i can't wait for update since i read this story two times alredy! Please write another chapter as soon as posible.
9/7 c28 Guest
More jealousy please
8/31 c28 Guest
So excited
8/30 c28 Guest
8/29 c28 larrybaudelaire2
You're killing me with the mystery. I just want to know who is behind all this. I really don't want it to be Phil. Pls don't let it be Phil, I trust him.
Good to have you back and thanks for the update.
8/29 c28 Guest
Glad you're back
Thanks a lot for the update
8/29 c28 Guest
Amazing tx
Hope you are doing well
I wish you good luck with your exams and all the things you want to do :-)
Tx for the update even if you are buzzy
8/28 c27 Guest
Update please
8/17 c1 Guest
Hey when are you next updating waiting patiently fir update
8/12 c27 Guest
Update please
8/3 c1 Guest
Hey how are you when are you updating
8/2 c27 Guest
Update please
8/1 c27 Guest
Update please
8/1 c27 Guest
More please
7/30 c27 Guest
Update please
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