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6/6 c4 mui goku
please update
5/9 c4 Guest
Please continue this story
5/1 c1 Guest
4/22 c4 Guest
Please continue the story
3/19 c4 Guest
Can update more please, it's an incredible story
3/12 c4 Valkoor123113
Shuna? There’s already a bunch of girls to try and stake their claim on Naruto without making any gender bends. Jenny, Jewels, Miu, Sirenoid, Harpus, Rabeeder and Tricloid.
3/7 c3 carneyjarred
i always chose darkus in the bakugan battle brawlers game on ds although my first playthrough was pyrus.
2/16 c4 cs1122334455
Good story can’t wait for the next chapter
1/29 c4 Guest
will Leonidas be just pyrus or he could change his type in the future since I see naruto having fun playing with different attributes maybe using Haous or Ventus in some future.

Is Leonidas a bakugan born from dimension doom? He should be a bit more savage in battle or so now that he's finally developed a sense of himself.

Kurama's introduction was a surprise but he would have preferred it to have been another way than just replacing drago.

could Naruto get vladitor in the future and fuse him with Leonidas and maybe even kurama to strengthen Leonidas and reference kurama's death in boruto so naruto would have a power up maybe leonidas death as in the game but return for second season

Or Naruto get a Draco as a new bakugan for future season
1/29 c4 Bloodredkiller
You should make it a harem with Alice runo, Julie, Jackie Chun, and one season 2 of Bakugan add Mira and on season 3 add febia thank you and are wondering what because it's Naruto horrible life thank you
1/29 c4 Dasgun
1/29 c4 phillyitalian
I would laugh if naruto throw plot out the window and wave at masquerade saying "Hi Alice".
1/28 c4 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update
1/28 c4 KenwayS220
Just found this fanfic today and holy cow this a great naruto x bakugan fanfic and it has two of my favorite girls julie and alice, question tho is mira in the harem?

Great chapter tho cant wait for the next one!
1/28 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome chapter and Kurenai joining Naruto again.
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