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6/17 c6 Comphellong
jaja I like the attention to detail, like the bat's scenes always taking place during the night, and the foreshadowing in every chapter. Detailed
6/10 c3 Malik-Elalaoui
glad to hear, if shit hits the fan, he would sacrifice himself.
but i have a bad feeling, that at some point his daughter will be taken hostage.
it would be really sad if little Judy do lose her mother FruFru. :(

HAHA! i remember the name TUSK from a comic/skript, where they come from the Zootopia story before the aktual one. the one Zootopia i also would have liked to watch, where every predator had to wear those collars.
now that will be interesting. :)

and now the cat is out of the bag! one of my favorite phrase since i am a german speaking dude.
Nick being officially announced to be running for mayor! :D
the only downside ... i am sure Vladzotz wont miss that opportunity to blackmail Nick for his past crime.
i wonder what he will do. or will he be too occupied with Mr Big?

again, i really love your fanfic, Upplet!
the only thing thats nagging me now is, that the chapters are really long.
bevore it wasnt a problem. but now i have too many other things to do.
just sad that i dont have more time to read.
till next time! have a nice day!
6/6 c6 Wildefox25
You really nailed the stress and work that goes into any public service job. Something tells me Bradley might be trouble. That, or I'm reading too much into him.
It was kinda refreshing getting more police work as well. Especially Harlan and Mary potentially playing a bigger part in the story.
Is that a little reference to A Bunny Can Go Savage I spotted, or just a funny coincidence? "Missing husband being a medical condition" ;)
Also, I don't know exactly why, but Vlad and Lucy are still my favourite. Any scenes they have are perfect.
Also also, one thing I've loved in your writing, but came to my attention again now; is how each character's perspective has its own style. Sounds kind of small I guess, but it makes a big difference to me. Sometimes it's best to stop and appreciate the little things.

All caught up now. Looking forward to more to come!
6/6 c5 Wildefox25
Ooh, I like dark Lucy!
I love how it's always Vladzotz who says the name of the story! Also, am I supposed to be rooting for the Nocturnal Mob? Cause I am. But they're the villains... Ah, who cares, they're awesome! Just like this story!
Also, I stand by what I said about Clove, last chapter, except more so.

Turns out a train is a good place to read. Who knew?
6/6 c4 Wildefox25
Ooo, I love more Lucy backstory! I really do like the four different story lines going on at once as well.
Clover's an ass.
No, an ass is a donkey, my bad.

Gmail hasn't been showing me the notifications so I didn't know how many new chapters there were! I'm going to try and catch up with the story at the weekends, cause I'm free for them now.
Really looking forward to getting back into this story!
6/5 c6 grishjae29a
Yay! A new chapter makes me very happy! and the sweet wildehopps!
6/5 c6 1Falcon93
Please make Mary and Harlan a couple! XD
6/4 c6 Guest
pobre judi tener responsablidades es aveces molesto jaja pero ver crecer y saber que hiciste un buen trabajo es super jaja cuando vez que puciste cosas buenas es genial a bueno jaja ahora tiene que tomar un enfoque para cada uno si una vez pudo tomarle el pelo a un zorro jaja es hora de ver a cada uno de sus subordinados y ver de donde cojean fortalezas y debilidades y trabajar con ello lo demas lo tiene que hacer uno mismo como se dice hay que guiar lo resto depende de cada uno como la cancion o vuela o te estrellas sigues otra vez o te rindes jaj
6/4 c6 Guest
Updates every month right? Nice
6/4 c6 20J Shute
Things just ticking along very very nicely.

Vladdy brooding and prepping, Nick buzzing on the campaign road with Neil being his... fun... self while Stagnew is being himself, whatever that may turn out to be.

Meanwhile we start learning some more about Clovestone with some tough grunt work, something Mary excels at... And Harlan... Well, he be mad, and if he carries on on this way... Hmmmm, I think I missed that part in the readthrough, but I will say that loathing Clovestone... because he lobbied for funding to go to other parts of the cities... feels a little weak... I feel that having a personal story about seeing the budget to his community centre cut as the giant glass skyscrapers rose up in the distance, and feeling a boiling rage at an early age... could help. I know you've got something planned to explain a bunch of his anger, but that's moere anti cop rather than against Rupert and his policies. It might be worth seeing if you could give him a moment that expressly shows why he personally loathes Clovestone.

Regardless, that scene was still pretty darn good, and the cool down after with Nick and Judy was sweet. A nice end to a solid chapter. (And, if some of my theories about Rupert's goals are true, a certain promise by Nick is an open invitation for some sweet juicy dramatic irony).
6/4 c6 fredricksacc
Nearly thought the intro was a dream. Commercial was even better. Gave me a good laugh! I can picture Niel and Nick getting along despite their different personalities. Sammy is fun and funny, as always. Bradley's advice to Nick was really sound, and I'm curious to see what he does in the future. Seems like an interesting character.

Meanwhile, the crime war chugs along. I can tell you're leading up to big things with it. Can't wait to see the raid on the warehouse in what I presume to be chapter 7.

And writing commissions, huh? Interesting. I know a few people that might be interested.
6/3 c6 13Berserker88
This definitely seems like a build-up chapter, but it was a good one. Like setting up a bunch of fireworks that are all about to go off at once. Nick's doing some heavy campaigning, Vlad and Lucy some heavy plotting (with the inclusion of a certain masked elephant that's certainly appreciated), and Judy...is just trying not to implode it seems. Hard to tell which of the main duo is under more stress right now. As for Bradley's advice, he does have a point but that will hopefully be just the push Nick needs to keep moving forward.

And I agree, Harlan and Mary are very cute together. But boy does he have some issues to work through first. Very much looking forward to seeing where this next one goes.
6/2 c6 imjustlikehumphery
Great chapter upplet, keep it up! Both Nick and Judy had to face some hard truths but gotta say both came to the best conclusions with a bit of their own soul-searchin. In Nick's case it was by the deer he talked to between his campaign and for Judy it was her talk with Nick that opened her eyes. Nick's right about Harlan and Mary if what happened durin the look into Clovestone revealed about the messed up things that ram has done to predators those two won't last in a relationship if one starts up between them if they don't talk things out. I'm not sure that either Harlan or Mary will but Nick's right Judy ur their superior not their mother. Ya can't get involved in their personal lives. Nick learned a somewhat similar lesson with the deer he met with when he learned the inner workings of City Hall. Nick knew he goin into the lions den so to speak but he didn't think it would be this difficult to get what he wanted done accomplished. Maybe what Judy discovered about Rupert will help his campaign out somehow. As for the upcomin mob war I can tell it's about to start with what Vlad and Lucy are plannin when it comes to one of Bigs storehouses. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/2 c6 1aomagrat
Is it just me or is there some subconscious regret in this chapter? Is Nick subconsciously regretting running for mayor? Is Vladzotz subconsciously regretting his war with Big? Is Judy subconsciously regretting remaining a cop without Nick by her side?

So Clovestone is the head of the Prioritization Policy. That puts Nick right in his crosshairs. And he's cutting costs and raising a war chest. To use against Nick maybe? Anyway, both Nick and Judy are now under his microscope.

And I'm sure that the Infernum is hanging around in the background, stirring the pot.

The pressure is building, as shown by Harlan and Mary at the precinct and Nick and Judy at home. Great chapter!
6/2 c6 3Blkdragon7
great Chapter. covered a lot of ground and did a great intro for 2 newish characters.
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