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6/20 c1 Cyan-Snake
I refuse to believe that that book noticed a name change, and firmly believe any involvement with Hogwarts is just forced so it's easier to write following canon.
6/8 c22 kenbre
Great fanfic
6/6 c19 7hannah.kaho
This chapter was reay confusing. It might have been because random words were capitalized or some words were not punctuated right like she'd took me forever to realize that's what it was and not like a shed building. I beg you, this story is so good with lore and stuff to not have a proper beta reader or at least a run through something like Grammarly.
6/5 c16 hannah.kaho
This is really good, but I beg you please get a beta reader or try and read back things before publishing. There are quite the amount of errors in spelling, grammar, and missing punctuation.
6/4 c5 hannah.kaho
"No one else was in the room where it happened"
5/30 c22 Glorandar
Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing its words. :-)
5/26 c22 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
5/17 c6 18CRose
This story has a ton of potential, but it needs a major expansion and some padding to flesh it out quite a bit. You have a good start to a story here, just not for me at this point.
5/17 c4 Valdiusmacto
I really want to like this, since it's a very unique take on this concept. Unfortunately, as it stands, the writing is a bit to...stilted. The core of what you have here is very good, but it badly needs a bit of rewriting to remove a lot of very akward prose. I recommend you return to early chapters and read it aloud to yourself, to see what I mean.

Still! Like I said, I like the idea and I think what you have here shows promise.
5/13 c1 ro781727
This story would have been better without the cliche Dumbledore bashing and overpowered Fem Harry. She’s practically a Mary-Sue!
5/9 c22 3MikaToshino
this is really best breaking song their family fall apart and when loki invades she is going to be devastated God I hope she can figure out what's going on and save him maybe get through to Odin that he was being used
5/7 c22 3LilithDCLXVI
This story is great, but it would be even better if the grammar wasnt so atrocious. Spelling is great aside from a dew scant errors here and there, but without fail there will be constant run on sentences left and right. There is a severe lack of periods/commas to separate the sentences. Its gotten to the point where the entire meanings of sentences are changing due to the lack of commas. I would really recommend you rereading your work to make sure that the meaning of your sentences arent changed because you didnt put in a comma or a period.
5/2 c22 1Pinkypi
You've done a good job integrating her without really allowing her to usurp too much of the things going on. Only Tony has really lost out with his energy reactor he'd later have built but even then he can still get in on it providing for the Americas since he should be able to complete his and get it up and running before she has hers completely spread out. She did curb stomp Voldemort and Dumbledore but that was with an army. Not by her being overwhelmingly powerful by 1v4k or some shit. I actually can't wait to see how you handle Hela's part later with Ragnarok. Especially since this Hela would be vastly different than the one in the movies.
4/28 c22 Entertainment lover
Fantastic chapter. The conversation between Thor and haralda was nice.I loved how she handled the treaty with king Greim. I agree with haralda .
4/28 c8 Entertainment lover
Wonderful chapter.I agree with Haralda about not celebrating Halloween . It is awesome that haralda fought the troll.
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