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1/21 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
8/27/2021 c1 1SamiKamii
I love the story of the Outer Rim garrison. Thank you for your beautiful works like this. If you are ever looking for an amazing story to write, you have one right here. I would genuinely love to see you add a few more chapters with filling in the story of these men.
4/2/2021 c1 KG-2202
Oohh. Finally! More clones actually living past their date of death! Cus er... you know.. You didn't really save much clones in the past.
2/2/2021 c1 Guest
Not bad bro
2/1/2021 c1 17Cuthalion97
Nice job with this, both in the explaining as to how Keeli survived, and in that the Jedi still died, which makes it more believable. (Besides, had he survived, the clones would probably have gotten off-planet and all . . . )

Nice idea, as well! And I like the part with Keeli listening to his men talk back and forth.
2/1/2021 c1 MOONWATCHER404
Me when I see Cobra & Mamba mentioned: *Happy screeching* (they are both my Oc's)

I hope they managed to survive! Even if it turned out they died in this story I will still headcannon they survived. MY OC'S WILL NOT BECOME CANNON FODDER DAMMIT. NOT MY SNAKY SQUAD BOIS!

I never imagined they would be used as pilots, since all of my OC's are infantry, ARC's, or Commanders. But I'm still super happy with how you integrated them!

(Lol now my brain is making up its own headcannon where when the Republic arrives full force- Mamba and Cobra leave with Mace's men and get absorbed into the 501st along with some of their other squad members)
1/31/2021 c1 14captainrexbest35
Is it bad that the title and description alone made me tear up? I think Supply lines was one of the most emotional episodes of the clone wars I ever watched and the death of General Di and Captain Keeli had me near bawling.

I thoroughly enjoyed this new perspective of the episode, and I always wished Supply lines ended on a much happier note for the Republic. I am proud to say that my tears of pain and sadness have converted into tears of happiness in reading your story.

Forever a biggest fan- CRB35
1/31/2021 c1 Eznf98
is it possible you could continue this. this would be a great series

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