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for Mal & Ben Oneshots

6/10 c19 Guest
Could you do another smutty one please?
5/12 c19 Yoshie
Por Favor Más Historias de Mal y Ben Por Favor
5/2 c19 28HesMines
Awww this is adorable! I’m going to send you the picture this made me think of!
5/1 c19 shortanamx
love this one shots of bal or men
4/30 c19 83LoveShipper
Aww dancing in the rain; so sweet
4/30 c19 3brimason0201
Aw that was so cute! Can’t wait for the next one!
4/30 c19 Tracie Adams
Awe that was so romantic love it
4/23 c18 28HesMines
Oh Ben, Maurice knew *exactly* what you were up to.

And I loved all the little details that added depth, like the tiara slipping and the dust on the dress. Makes it so much easier to get into the scene!
4/23 c18 shortanamx
love it , it would be funny ben meets the whole greeks gods, goodness and mal's dad(hades). he gets overwhelmed and mal's uncle and male relatives grills ben, but all the good stuff.
4/23 c18 Tracie Adams
Omg that was HOT LOL can Mal and Ben in the other descendants characters play never have I ever make it get hot and steamy lol in truthfully
4/23 c18 83LoveShipper
That meant a lot for Mal to not only speak French but have a lovely conversation with Maurice
4/20 c17 28HesMines
Awww this is lovely! I think I can feel my teeth rotting from the sweetness but I’ll live and by the way I totally want to see Ben putting his foot down on living with Mal before they got married now! But him bolting from the room so he doesn’t get ‘caught’ even though he’s king is just hilarious also I dunno why I’m not following this story, but I am now
4/20 c17 shortanamx
ben been possessive with mal or Jealous mal getting male attention then fix his issues. mal and belle one shots
4/20 c17 3brimason0201
That was a very sweet chapter. Can’t wait for the next one!
4/20 c17 83LoveShipper
Aww a family heirloom
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