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9/21 c102 NexusNex
i don't know why but i can't read hapter 103!? i manage to read in computer though...
9/20 c103 Ermano
That cliffhanger though… whats with all the stories im reading ending with cliffhangers this week lol. Im interested in what direction you take issei with. Also i would love to see issei and aika reaction when they find out joshua is way more influential than they thought lol. Like oh look its the satans coming over for tea, oh and grigori leader is also there type of scenario lol. But 1st i wana see where Kuroka situation go.
9/20 c103 13Weretiger Marduk
I've gotten big into Tagelharpa/Tagelharpa Cello music. I also found this song called "It's dark in New Orleans"
9/20 c103 Locothehood
so good so far

but what do you do with a captive cat girl?

I can't wait to see how you weaponize divination
9/20 c103 JustAFan123
Great chapter, Joshua is becoming a lot like the batman meme, with prep time he's pretty unbeatable. Also listening to The house always wins by the stupendium
9/20 c103 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
9/20 c103 2hupedia
I get that Joshua is pretty terrifying but that segment with Kuroka really reminded me just how spooky entering his territory actually is.
9/20 c102 johnwhen
And another join the war to become the wife
9/20 c33 kirosyamcha
Sona is simply too uptight to have fun around, Rias would at least be amusing plus she is hot as hell.
9/20 c103 1LordZarcon
Was wondering when she'd show up. I liked the aika and fallen stuff too.
9/19 c103 luckystar101op1
Can I write your story in webnovel?
9/19 c103 1J4C00B0
I'm listening to Start Lifting Dumbbells, and Your Life Will Change, it's a mix of Onegai Muscle and Life Will Change.
It seems that we are finally entering the beginning of the original story! maybe?
Thanks for the chapter.
9/19 c103 ChulK
Thanks for the chapter.
9/19 c103 sickboy398
Level up coming soon
9/19 c69 bubbago1
i just realises. all thats missing is a monkey and he now has a bootleg furious five. (kunk fu panda refrence)
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