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32m c39 JustAFan123
Epic chapter, the oath worked pretty well I think, wasn't as cringe as the really strange ones anyway. As for Longinus Divine Dividing is pretty op plus it has a dragon inside that can teach you magic or turn you into a dragon/human hybrid.
6h c39 Ints
Anyone that seeks to put chains on you is not to be trusted and best be avoided. That's all any magical oaths are, there is now reason to say 'fuck the youkai and their fox leader' and leave. I will be mightily disappointed in this story if this oath will be used to milk some cheap drama out of it.
7h c39 T149Man
A follow-up attack before defences can be raised? A bid for either of them to" join or die"? It's bold either way!
8h c39 1Iamnotafraid
No one would ever sign a contract/oath like that.
If you do sign a contract like that it is mostly like this
'Person A states that he/she/they/ze will never harm Person B
Person B intentionally harms Person A, in which case Person A has the right to act in self defence and harm Person B'
All Contracts have conditional causes written in them which helps protect both Person A and Person B though the protection offered to them can be pretty lopsided if one of them is a weaker party.
15h c39 Specterchilypepper
Annihilation maker has so mjch poyential consodering what issei could do with boob power anything should be possible with annihilation maker ...like innovate clear too that I consider my favourite that is if one thinks at possibpe bullshit devel9pment for the gear lol
19h c39 9narufuuin
Phenomenal. I was wondering how you were going to show Josh learning the new energies. Detection seems more his thing anyway so we’ll done and I hope you keep writing. Marg all seems to stay in his line with his pets/families personality traits so far I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for the family.
As always thank you for the chapter and I hope you have a brilliant week.
19h c39 EvilHound
Ah shit, here we go again.
21h c39 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
21h c12 whyyyyyy
Why is this story listed as adventure and fantasy when it is mostly angst and just depression with hurt? Why is it authors can't even list their shit right?

I'll stop here as reading such isn't my thing.
22h c39 Nine Lives Bladeworks
The weird part to me is that he didn't add a clause to the Oath for self defense. After all, Kunou is still a child. She might grow up to become evil or opposed to him.
22h c39 1embrewing
... didn't he go on about the wording of his vow previously? " 'NEVER' intentionally harm" explicitly sets this up without a time frame or conditional release. what if the girl grows up and attacks him, is coerced or tricked into attacking him or any other similar scenario, this wording gives her a blanket protection from him for the rest of her life regardless of what she does against him. he should at least put a condition on it that states that as long as he isn't attacked/targeted first he'll never intentionally harm her.
22h c39 1raxon1221
I could never choose a favorite between the boosted gearthe true longinus
22h c39 2Templarsith
O I saw that coming a mile away. The fact it was the 'hero' faction was the most expected. Joshua and Jeanne's true protection was being the unknown or untraceable after they worked with the devils. 'Hero' has a known history of forcefully recruiting talented humans regardless of their own wishes.
23h c39 kept123
6/28 c39 Guest
love it
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