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6/4 c1 Katherine Rosalie Hale
I'm not sure how I feel about this story honestly. It was well written, but your Harry was so apathetic. I also wasn't thrilled with Hermione and how Harry handled it. It just wasn't right and showed a total lack of reality-based thinking on your part. War is violent and living with that is so not easy. Honestly, only serial killers are so apathetic.
4/8 c1 Fallow57
xX KUDOS Xx : )
3/26 c1 Cassandra30
Not a story I like. Sorry.
2/25 c1 Kai
Okay, Harry isn't a specialist for muggle weapons. He obviously knows enough to get some and use them. But if he's able to steal whatever he wants he could steal a GAU 8 or two. It's a very powerful gatling gun. The Fairchild A 10 ground attack aircraft was developed just to make that gun fly. They can't fire for more than two seconds because the recoil of the gun is so strong that it would slow down the plane too far to stay in the air. Two of them in a crossfire position with Malfoy Manor as the target (Tonks says she knows where that is) and BRRRT. He'd need a strong generator to power the guns, but the ammunition supply is only enough for about 20 seconds of sustained fire. And on the ground the recoil wouldn't be a problem. They'd get many of the Death Eaters in those twenty seconds before those even understood what happened. And with the depleted uranium slugs of about a pound they'd go through the decorative walls of an upper class manor like butter. Much safer than baiting Riddle out of his 'fortress'.

Too bad about Hermione. Another victim of Dumbledore's lies and idiocy.
2/16 c1 8gabzep
Wow he killed Hermione. I’m glad he got away the wizarding world and found some peace.
2/5 c1 retired10
Very very interesting story! I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for sharing!
2/2 c1 Guest
2/2 c1 Guest
Love your stories, thanks for posting!
2/4 c1 kirsty21
2/1 c1 Guest
Thanks for sharing!
2/1 c1 ak
bonne fic!
2/3 c1 8LWJ2
Neat story, thank you, ma'am. I think you handled Hermione well, here she was completely suborned by Fumbles. Thanks for sharing this with us.
2/2 c1 Millie072
Did he ever get rid of the horcrux in his scar? Thoroughly satisfying
2/2 c1 4starie78
Great story.
2/1 c1 Ann Jinn
Interesting perspective from Harry's point of view. I am always amazed how everyone just shut off their brain and followed orders.
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