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2/23 c1 3Lawrence H. Bain
Is a single or multi pairing?
2/3 c1 1Chosen-One-92
This seems like too much tbh.

A HP x Kuroinu? Fine. A "gamer" Kuroinu self inset? Sounds fine. But self inserting as Harry Potter in Kuroinu while also adding gamer stuff seems like just cramming everything in. It reads like a parody but it's tagged adventure/fantasy, so are you trying to add comedy? Just feels like you weren't sure what direction to take it so it's trying to do everything instead of just doing somethings well.

I'll have a poke around at future chapters and see what happens. It might just be me tbh, I've never been able to get in to the "gamer" genre of fanfics so I might be reading it with jaded eyes anyway.

Best of luck regardless.

Also - the one major strength of this fic is the written English and format are high quality, so if you're like me and missing words, punctuation and format drive you mad but like the SI/gamer stuff, then you might like this one.
2/2 c1 Azure56
So will it be a single pairing with Claudia? That would be nice.
2/1 c1 Gentlemen Rance-T.M
oh, wow nice ...kuroinu is a rare one...Now I wait for my "Rance" SI

*20 years laaaaaaattttteeeeeerrrrr*
2/1 c1 3Eavise
Will there be talk about rape, does Harry will save the princess knight? Also Harry and Claudia, does it will be an harem?
2/1 c1 61Perseus12
Interesting story.
2/1 c1 whitedeath421
The harry potter ruins this. There was no need for it and would have been a lot more interesting without it

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