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9/15 c3 Talaxin
This is a brilliant story. I hope you continue to update.
9/4 c7 wiccan88
Please Update this story with a new chapter. It's too good not to update it for over a month.
9/2 c4 3ProngsPadfootandMoony
I've just been binging this fic, and I love it! Hope you continue it
9/1 c1 ironhair
Would like to know more about the magical underwear but it's fine.
8/14 c7 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
7/26 c7 edoabb
Won't it be extremely weird for Harry to get together with a friend he has intimate knowledge of that she doesn't know she shared and is way younger and less mature than him. At least to me it seems like an extremely unbalanced relationship, maybe they could get together once they are in a couple of years after Voldemort is dead, but before he confesses on the time travel it would seem super toxic. Also while Harry was never the academic type, he still got three extra years in transfiguration, charms, defence and much more, he should be leagues ahead of Hermione regardless of amount of knowledge, I mean he did silent casting for years and had teachers teach him, can you please avoid suddenly making her his peer in magic. Maybe in more esoteric subjects like history and Herbology where I guess Harry never got focused on during the war as they weren't as important as knowing more spells, so if you have to make Hermione integral to the story can you avoid making her suddenly as powerful as people twice her age.
7/25 c6 Gabznz
This is not the chapter that should send readers away, it moved me. I love your depiction of Dobby, and his relationship with Harry is heartening.
Please keep writing. This is amazing and I can't wait to read more. Thank you so much!
7/23 c7 3YamiTiger
amazing story love the progress so far
7/23 c7 GetSmart714
Not bad, not bad at all! I like what I'm reading! Please update on a more regular basis! ty :)
7/22 c7 2Fire Tempest
Fabulous so far, I'm looking forward to more!
7/21 c7 Caver Floyd
This is a great story, and I hope to see it continued.
7/20 c7 Kagugu
thank you!
7/17 c7 Overlord
Good chapter :) I liked the part in Godric's Hollow about how frightening their world actually is when you think about it.
7/16 c7 Guest
Good chapter.

I very much enjoyed your take on this closer look on Hermione. The interactions between Harry and Hermione were especially interesting. She is no doubt pleased that Harry is now more methodical and focused on his studies, but she also clearly notices that something changed with him.
7/15 c7 Guest
Loving the story so far!
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