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for When the Darkness Subdues the Light

6/18 c2 3Psycho-LemonCake
I like the story. It's really good so far, keep going up.
6/5 c2 Shadow Wolf Warrior2
It's soooooo goooodd please keep it up!
4/4 c2 Ti
Please, I need another parrrrtttt
This is so good!
2/20 c2 Shinyyz
WOW... I'm speechless. You are sooo talented, and your writing style is amazing I really admire it.

Poor bby Cole. I want to hug him. But at least it's good angst material. TwT 3
I love the sibling relationship between Nya and Kai.
And I absolutely enjoy how you describe the surroundings, and the nightmares.

And don't worry, take your time, because it's really worth the wait if you give us such amazing work in return.
2/14 c2 11GameCubeGirl1
This...this was "wonderful!"

I first clicked on this not expecting much but...my FSM you write beautifully.

The intricate descriptions of their home, even the furniture, all very well done.

And you even wrote the exact kind of stories here I live for: characters getting hurt, (especially Cole, dear sweet bean that he is,) and the others taking care of each other, so endearing to me.

Kai just..stroking Cole's hair out of concern...my heart, that was just adorsble.

The only part I found a little strange, is you didn't say where they set Cole down outside? Lloyd said him down here...where was here? Just on the ground in the rain? The steps? Kai's lap? I wasn't sure what to picture for that..

But hey that's the only niggle I have on this! Everything else was...heck I loved it, I want more already xD

Even Cole's dream about his mother..then him trying to re-tell the story through tears..my heart was aching for him, yes Jay you should have just thrown your arms around him and never let him go ;0;

I am seriously impressed with this story, I will gladly take more!

2/13 c2 Nyancatspacemeep
Relax, the last part was fine
And this is really nice. Really worth that few minutes I was supposed to be using to do mon français
2/13 c2 Rai
Please more please more please more

This story is sooo good and your writing is awesooommee!

Cole is one of my all time favourite and I really enjoyed this ff so far sooo please I cant wait for the next part!

2/7 c1 Nyancatspacemeep
Excited for the next chapter-
2/2 c1 8Peanut2196
Oh! Me esta gustando como se esta haciendo la historia, toda angustiosa!

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