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2/4 c3 3Delquea
So basically a story about Lincoln dealing with the mental scars from it. Well gonna stick around then.
2/3 c2 4The Critik
Whoa chill bro. This is what I want more of. Psycho Leni is such an amazing trope but that's my personal bias. The two chapters are really good as introductory but I feel that they could be a bit longer. There are also several spelling errors that could be fixed but otherwise it's a good story! Hope to see more of it. -The Critik
2/3 c2 1nuuo
Story turning into My Little Sunshine now huh? Might be accelerating too fast but is still good.
2/2 c2 3Delquea
Another Yandere Leni story. Sorry if I seem unenthusiastic but these types of stories with making Leni a yandere is a little too common these days.
2/2 c1 888Shaeril McBrown
Aww poor Lincoln
2/2 c1 1nuuo
Neat start to a story. I'm just here to see Synth update more.
2/1 c1 openminded fandom
this is some powerful stuff, but I can't stop reading your stories

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