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11h c11 KnowInsight
Great story :D
5/25 c11 forestreject
5/23 c11 jimmy.oz
Really great story probably would have liked to know how he ended up with his wife more but other than that it was really good.
5/13 c3 Guest
the prime minister of england does not answer to the queen of england she is a figure head and has no power over anyone in the country
5/11 c2 Millie072
Ginny got exactly what she deserved. She was aware of the wards and still tried to trick Harry. Why isn't she being punished. Yes Dumbles, you forgot to check out the chamber. How very convenient. Good thing Harry stripped the carcass before you got to it.
5/7 c11 Guest
It is Jordan
5/8 c11 Clark959
Enjoyed this story. Well written.
4/30 c11 Korlan
Nice work on this story.
4/28 c11 Fallow57
xXx KUDOS xXx : )
4/24 c11 rowenasheir
A story where they move Diagon, Gringotts, etc. to an island where Voldy and the pureblood-minded can rule to his hearts content and the rest in the normal world?
4/19 c11 Latarra
4/14 c11 32Brockster550
Hogsmeade becoming a large wizarding city was a nice touch. St. Mungo's having a modern building with modern practices was a nice touch. Nice story, keep up the hard work!
4/14 c10 Brockster550
Albus should've come up with similar plans to make sure Hogwarts was a safe learning environment. Now he's learning the hard way what his second chances thing cost him and the school. Nice chapter, keep up the hard work!
4/12 c11 Moral Conundrum
Just one thing, I think you should have gone the 'The prophecy was fake' route an made it that Harry had never even gotten close to Voldemort, with the non-magical military finishing him off. I think it would have fit a bit better.
4/14 c9 Brockster550
Hogsmeade being turned into a new location for Diagon Alley was also a nice touch, since it would also be away from muggles and muggle-borns who weren't informed of their abilities. Keeping Hogwarts as the new ministry is still wonderful. The Great Hall is definitely big enough to be a public library, and the Chamber of Secrets is an excellent location for the Unspeakables. Nice chapter, keep up the hard work!
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