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for Kaede's Academically Required School Spirit

6/22 c11 43lon'quesadilla
i’m gonna do both of these in one thing and say this again here in regards to ch 10: hwat the fuck

as for the last chapter, holy shit. it’s been such a wild and fun ride, but all the loose ends and drama have worked themselves out and we get a happy, satisfying ending out of it! thank you for the journey c:
5/25 c9 lon'quesadilla
Just wanna reiterate again that I can’t believe you made a particular reference or two to a certain song in here, but I’m so glad you did because they were great. Oof, Kaede’s wrist getting hecked up isn’t good but at least it’s not too bad that she has to quit any of her activities. Maki making a prom for Kaede was precious, and it’s gonna be hella interesting to see how this plan goes down. Hopefully it won’t be too wild,,
5/16 c8 lon'quesadilla
Oops, I’m not sure how I missed that this updated,,

Ooh Kaede might get to finally see Maki’s place!

MY BOY of course he wants to take down the Yakuza, just of course.

Kaito’s birthday presents(s) to Kaede are really cheesy but also incredibly sweet

Oof what a heavy conversation the girls had, but at least Maki finally got to get it off her chest for Kaede (among other things she probably got to get off her chest, snerk)

Pfft Maki’s joke about Kaito and Shuichi bringing her back from Prom, I love it

Oh, it was interesting to see Peko and Fuyuhiko at the end there. Hopefully Maki indeed isn’t making a huge mistake D: Guess we’ll just have to see.
4/20 c7 lon'quesadilla
Oof wow okay, you weren’t kidding when you said A Lot happens here in this chapter. Kyoko and Shuichi (#fauxcouple) piecing together more revelations, Shuichi almost getting killed for real this time and how this might really heck up the friends’ group,, Miu just being secretly jealous she can’t be Kaede’s girlfriend instead, and the cute Christmas date/screts revealing sleepover,,, hoo boy. So much drama for one chapter. I was on the edge of my seat again for this. I can only imagine how things may (or may not?) get resolved, but I’ll still be here for it~
4/18 c6 Niaineew
This fic is amazing! I love the dynamic you gave the characters. This is the first time I've read a harumatsu fic and I love it
4/6 c6 lon'quesadilla
Hhhhh okay this chapter was a lovely little bit of fluff, from the girls getting to indulge in another kiss and Kaito’s cute under the stars nearly ruined by the weather date. I’m on the edge of my seat rooting for both these pairs of double dates, the girls to not get exposed while on the team and the guys to actually get closer and for Shuichi to not die pretending to be straight (which,, lmao oh Kyoko, that plan).

Very eager to continue seeing where this ride goes, yo c:
3/27 c5 lon'quesadilla
Hoo boy, this was quite a chapter! From Shuichi almost having to plan out his last week to the ~uselesslesbians~ girls goin out on a lunch date?, it was all just great. Also sorry not sorry but Maki being a pumpkin spice kinda girl absolutely threw me omg. I’m so glad the girls finally got to kiss at the end there, even if it was just a lil quick one, hhhhh. Gah I can’t wait to see what happens next now~
3/16 c4 lon'quesadilla
This is definitely likely turning into a problem (that made me chuckle again so thanks for that).

The part where Kaede accidentally sends Maki a heart in a text after that slight misunderstanding (and gets one back), oof 33

Kaito’s passionate speech which later encourages Shuichi decided to stay on the case to prove himself to Kaito was nice, since that’s some really good inspiration to do so, lol

And ooh it looks like there’s a bit of a break in the case, with Shuichi meeting this girl and getting this journal. I’m excited to see how that turns out! Very chilling last line though, hoo boy.

Anyhoozle, this was a great chapter, I can’t wait for the next one!
3/2 c3 lon'quesadilla
Two girls, working out 0 feet from each other bc they’re so gay. Ugh, gods,, I love it. I also like that the boys got a little scene-time, I hope they get to know each other a bit more, too

Wow leave it to Kokichi to have /that/ as a homemade mascot costume. Get rekt, glad it got him kicked off the squad lmaoo

Aw yeah, glad they had a good first performance, hopefully it’s the first of many

Ooh Kyoko getting into this, that should be interesting, as it sounds like this investigation is going to be? o: You know I’m always here for a good murder mystery

Oh man this was a good chapter! Congrats on finishing this fic up, I can’t wait to see where it goes~
3/1 c2 132signelchan
Despite never having been to a cheerleading tryout in your life, you do an adequate job of representing them here in this story. It's nervewracking and the unexperienced always seem to be grouped up with people who've been doing it for years and you realize, as you're standing at the edge of the mat, that you have zero idea how to do a cartwheel and you're terrified to screw it up and not make the squad. Thankfully for Kaede, Ophelia here seems just as desperate for bodies on the squad as cheer coaches I've had were, so she lucks into a position on enthusiasm alone.

She also lucks out by being...forced? I guess? into being paired with Kaito and Maki for some extra support, which she needs desperately. She definitely is not in a position to be picky-choosy about who helps her, but they've got enough talent between them to spare her some time and some help, which is really where this chapter ends off. You're doing a fantastic job of setting up the character interactions and where they may lead, and you haven't sacrificed plot progression to do so, so that's a good sign.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

2/16 c2 43lon'quesadilla
Oh boy, chapter two time! Seeing the new characters Miu, Tsumugi and (ugh) Kokichi was neat, though as usual I’m sure two of those three we’ll have to keep an eye on. Also! Omg the cheer coach being Ophelia, I see what you did there and I just love it, lmao. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to manage this team through this year. I’d also love to see these potential relationships ensue, but there’s the 'no relationships' thing to worry about, so I guess we’ll just have to see how that goes,, In any case, I’m so here for any and all of it!
2/15 c1 132signelchan
As your beta, I wasn't sure what there would be for me to say about this chapter, especially since you had sent it to me when you'd initially written it, months before you even had any idea for when you would be posting it. The story is really good so far, you have a clear knack and interest for writing cheerleading AUs, and I'm sure that the fact that you're enamored with cheerleaders has nothing to do with it.

This first chapter does a good job of setting up plotlines and introducing characters who you can only assume are going to be important in the future. You can tell that there is a strong friendship between Kaede and Shuichi, and that they are understanding of each other's interests and needs, to the point that his concern for her decision feels completely realistic. You can also tell that this decision has a huge weight on Kaede's shoulders, and that what she chooses to do is not the smart choice for her but the one her mind is telling her to do out of desperation, and to see where it goes from there will be a treat.

2/3 c1 46GreenPokeGuy
Kaede Akamatsu.

What have you gotten yourself into, lmao? Horny brain be making the decisions, I see.

I love Kaito. The multiple descriptions of his hairstyle were hilarious and unfortunately true. Adds to his charm, though. Lucky for Kaede, she didn't have to meet Maki yet, but I'm looking forward to that for sure, hehe.

Shuichi is a fun best friend, and imagining him trying to encourage Kaede to try the offered sports? Pretty funny, since he would deffo avoid sports with his build.

But good lord Kaede, not only have you forced yourself to take all the boring classes in your last year, but you've signed up for something that could so easily lead to an injury that would put her piano career at risk. Obviously she got way too into music to try and get through high school cleverly.

All of this is to say, I'm very much looking forward to updates! I really like your writing style, so I know this is going to be a fun time! :D
2/2 c1 43lon'quesadilla
Aw yeah, cheerleader au is here! And wow, so far I love it! Life is about taking chances so hopefully this chance with cheerleading will all work out for Kaede, and Shuichi will be there to support her through it. I can’t wait to see how things turn out, so eager for the next chapter! :DD

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