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for Groundhog Day

2/3 c1 4postusps13
So funny!
2/22/2021 c1 8Kimber1983
This was too funny but great
2/19/2021 c1 17princessitsy
This is so weird! :) Actually though it's cute and funny!
2/4/2021 c1 Missymoo3266
Cute story! I needed something light tonight. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
2/2/2021 c1 TeamAlison
Your story was kind of amusing especially the mention of Russel and the Pandas, i remember when on the TV show when someone mentioned Russel liking Pandas i loled i never would have thought of Russel being a Panda lover i think it was Stevie that let it slip about Russel and the Pandas.

I wasn't sure how to pronounce Punxsutawney having never heard the word before a few minutes ago so i settled for Punksuetawney, i assume i'm pronouncing it correctly.

If you don't mind i have to ask where did you come up with the name Punxsutawney Phil, if there had been someone on the TV show with a name like that i would have remembered it because of how strange it sounds.

Nevermind i just Googled Punxsutawney Phil who i never heard of before February 2nd 2021 i think i saw a picture of Punxsutawney Phil in one of yesterday's newspapers.

Let me see if i got your story straight is Punxsutawney Phil in your story an actual Groundhog who somehow possesses the ability to drive a car and has an RPG or is it someone who chose Punxsutawney Phil as a codename.

A Groundhog that can drive a car and has an RPG is amusing.

I was a little bit confused at the beginning as i had no idea who or what Punxsutawney Phil was.

Will there be more chapters?
2/3/2021 c1 29Brendalwood
As a Canadian I found this hilarious. Now add a chapter where this keeps happening over and over LOL. I know what it’s like to write and hope someone reads and reviews.
2/3/2021 c1 15lilacmermaid33
Haha this was fun! I appreciate you absolving Canada :)
2/2/2021 c1 quiltingbren
So funny.
2/2/2021 c1 14lil'mousie323
Ahahahaha! That’s kinda funny, nice way to break up the “groundhog” feeling year we have been in.
2/2/2021 c1 83mmacy
light and humorous... I like it!

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