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for The Knightmare

7/10 c4 Kenrio
You should try to use '&' less, it's anoying seing so many times in a chapter
7/10 c3 Kenrio
Serena sleep with many people before she fall in love with batman so why is she so easily blushing to the mc cringe flirting? And it's pretty impossible for her to abandon batman so easily. Of course we can't forget the fact for why the mc is trying to woo her when she is the lover of his idol, is really such jerk to do this ?
7/10 c1 Kenrio
So why he accepted all so easily even before knowing he is in dc?
7/8 c5 Kenrio
so he will steal Diana from Clark? I really love wonder woman
2/26 c4 theostark
Full story
2/19 c2 6Megatronus Uchiha
Your grammar and spelling needs a bit of work palī¸ I like the premise but I don't know this just seems a bit off to me right now, I'll come back and try again in a few days and see if I changed my mind
2/12 c4 ReadingBeta
Superman is captured. Do u know what that means? The beginning of the end of the world. I don't suppose u have a way to deal with the eventual Paradooms? Update soon.
2/12 c1 1Galidor the Negative Tangerine
Is this writers first language English? from the wat the first chapter is written with its disjointed sentence structure, odd grammer and punctuation I get the felling it isn't.

I don't think I can read any more of this unless the writing itself gets better as I couldn't even get through the first chapter.
2/12 c4 LoamyCoffee
I must say that you're handling this very well~ Jack's knowledge has made Batman suspicious, which is rather expected of him. Again, you're handling this better than the movie so far.
2/12 c3 Menatron the Angel of Ideas
Well,why didn't ya say it was DC-RElated sooner? I CAN HELP with you problem with this then.
2/12 c4 38dannyrockon122
2/11 c1 17evolution-500
I like the idea of this, although there are some spelling and grammatical mistakes in places. Some of the wording needs to be adjusted as well. Will Lobo be making an appearance in this?
2/9 c3 ReadingBeta
Another DCUAOM adaption. N this means the end won't be a good one. Well, better be worth it when I read some lemons, better have more females here though. FYI, Knightmare might be wearing the same tech as the Parademons. Update soon.
2/9 c2 Xenozip
Wait, in the first chapter his parents just weren't supportive of his dreams and his brothers were there when they weren't busy, yet in this chapter you're saying his parents were abusive and he was put with his Aunt and Uncle, with no mention of siblings, make up your mind, don't start changing origins on a whim.
2/9 c1 scyfly
ahh nvm i was planning on following this but with 85 stories and none of note finished i doubt this'll be any different.

just saying for ppl before they start reading a dead end story
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