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2/9 c1 stylo1
you leave a lot of words out and prob could do with a little more comma's
2/8 c3 LoamyCoffee
Very interesting, I saw Justice League: War and I was very curious about the characters.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Knightmare handles New 52 Superman.
2/6 c2 Guest
When will you update Warlock of the Empire?
2/6 c2 Pa7adox
Welp if its a dc harem story it definitely has to have Hardly and Ivy practically tradition at this point lol but I would also definitely like to so Raven and Starfire in it also.
2/5 c2 Kenrio
I don't think selina will ever will be with him, after all she is in love with bruce
2/5 c2 2Neo-Warkid4
I believe Selina should keep her long hair

And I think Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire should be added to the harem
2/4 c2 Sentry342
Definitely a fun concept to work with. I look forward to seeing how things develop in your story. The only thing I would suggest is to develop the story and characters more as you continue. Sometimes great ideas don’t work as well as they could if they end up rushed or too fast paced. Aside from that looks great and good potential.
2/4 c2 ReadingBeta
Timeskip already. Well, it makes things easier to go by. Now who's next? N will be the first lay? Update soon. Also continue King of Themyscira.
2/3 c2 LoamyCoffee
Yes, a good showcase for their respective pasts and a difference in how Jack reacts to the people.
As you said, his knowledge of the DC universe can be very helpful.
2/3 c2 61Perseus12
What a woman indeed, Knightmare/Jack, and I wonder if Selina would be paired with Jack? I wonder if Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy team up with Jack? I'll just wait to read the next chapter.
2/3 c1 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, this sounds interesting. I've forgotten so much about New 52, I remember a bit though about the Teen Titans, Suicide Squad, and Swamp Thing. Also hooray, this is the 4000th story that I followed.
2/3 c1 d1n0s
I know you say you don't like negative reviews but how are you supposed to improve your writing if all people do is tell you what a wonderful story it is?

The concept has potential but the spelling, wording and grammar need work.

His readiness to believe he's in a comic book world just by seeing the front page of a newspaper that smacked him in the face is how your showing the audience how gullible he is. I would like to see you develop that side of him more, it could be funny if done right.

Also it is suggested you fill in the time skip to explain how Jack managed to go from sleeping on a bench in the park to standing atop a building wearing expensive body armor.
2/3 c1 ReadingBeta
My money is on this is Metron's doing. Interesting, my opinion for his harem, Batgirl(Barbara), Black Canary, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Spoiler, Talia al Ghul, White Rabbit, Zatanna, Catwoman, Cheetah, Supergirl, Starfire, Vixen, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Troia, Hippolyta, Hawkgirl, Circe, Giganta, Platina, Mercy Graves, Lois Lane, Mera, Aquagirl, Big Barda, Bekka, Knockout, Fire, Ice, Miss Martian, Raven, Batwoman. Make sure u screw up Joker. Everybody loves to screw up Joker. Update soon.
2/2 c1 Sandford9687
He going to be another hero who just gives them a beating just so they can escape from prison?
2/2 c1 Alfa123
Very interesting hope to see more
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