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6/3 c12 SageofKumo
I like what you've done with the story so far. Will you get more info his training and skill set later? Also, what happened with Ino a couple of chapters back? I thought he wss looking for a fourth member yet it went back to Sai.
5/29 c12 hashira
This isn't me bashing you. Just an honest review... The story is really dragging and tiring to read now. I don't know about the others but I honestly cannot see the point nor do I feel the changes you've implicitly hinted at after that issue with younger, bitchy Sakura from the get go.
5/31 c11 marquis.shax
lol considering in canon Sakura never truly lost her fangirl attitude when it came to Sasuke this is the point where if it were my story I'd have her betray the group by somehow knocking them out and then begging Uke to allow her to join him and since she's got training from Tsunade and Shizune she could probably come up with a gas that would knock out everyone but Naruto but I think that while it wouldn't knock him out it would take a small amount of time to purge from his system making him a bit slower than normal lol
5/31 c9 marquis.shax
I think Kishimoto had something against women as he made Tsunade into basically a pushover during her term as Hokage and Mei was barely ever even seen other than at the Go Kage Summit and getting her ass handed to her along with the other 4 Kages by the Real Madara. Sarutobi disbanded ROOT but yet Tsunade knew it was still around and allowed Danzo to put a member of ROOT onto Naruto's team despite the fact that Danzo revealing Sai was admitting he was still running an illegal black ops outfit rather than having Danzo arrested or killed on the spot for treason. I'm sure had Kishi not had Danzo killed had he instead allowed him to not only survive Sasuke and the 4 other Kage then Danzo would've remained Hokage as he wouldn't have Tsunade have the strength or courage to take on Danzo despite his being labelled INTERIM 6th Hokage
5/31 c8 marquis.shax
you know I've always wondered since it was never explained. IF the only HUMAN part of Sasori is his heart, then HOW THE FUCK DOES HE HAVE A BRAIN? I mean does his chakra core somehow retain all his memories, his personality all that shit or what? It really makes no sense how he can be alive and have coherent thoughts yet he apparently only has a heart not a mind in his puppet bodies lol
5/29 c12 Jonathan Cardoza Sanchez
Me gusto el capitulo, me agrada mucho la actitud de Naruto
5/29 c12 Fuyuriku
Thank you for the read.
5/28 c4 suckstobeacritic
Hmm for all that drama, hinata should have joined him on the trip. Clinically summerised he nearly had his psyche shattered, then finds salvation in hinata only to have it last for a few days before he fucks off for several years.

There's no salvation in that. You don't fix overnight through a days of interaction with one person. If she had gone along, than this timeskip would make it more understandable that he returns all fixed up.

Now... Its a serious weak point in the story. Not a shatter pointy but definitely. A weak point.

Combined with the shit like Sakura still making bank by becoming an apprentice to tsunade and assuming that naruto like in shippuuden has remained a genin as a result... I dunno. I can't find the drive to read the next chapter.

The story was depressing enough for me already and I don't really want to risk reading more unfairness however lightly it's mentioned.
5/26 c11 LB Cat
Good read. Thanks for the update and stay happy.
5/25 c11 1Ares007
So, love the story. I think too many people total rewrite the story of Naurto. I think if you keep on this path, you'll be fine in terms of keeping writer's block a bay. I can see how Sakura would say something like that, and still be "accepted." She had potential, and it would be irresponsible for Tsunade not to nurture a Village asset. Overall, I like what you're doing with the characters. I'd just focus on a changed Naruto and Hinata, maybe add in a bit more Hinata. But, just keep to the original Naurto story with the New Naruto. Hell, give Naruto wood release too. Always thought it was odd how Naruto never got it. He is a DIRECT descendant of the Sage of Six Paths's second son (forgot his name). Keep it up, the story will get more popularity as you go on.
5/25 c11 panjangya
the fight scene is great!
still a tad disappointed by how fast naruto forgives sakura and the fact that he is still obsessed about sasuke
5/25 c11 Eleesar
An author question, it may be me but has not Naruto's attitude towards Sakura given a drastic change (is he treating her much better than when he came back from training) compared to the beginning of your story? Thanks for the chapter !
5/25 c11 OrigDayday
I thought that this ruthless naruto would realize sasuke never really cared about him more than people like hinata or the people of ichiraku ramen
5/25 c11 Fuyuriku
Thank you for the read.
5/25 c3 TheBrokenTool
What in the actual fuck. After everything Sakura did abusing him and telling him to die in a pool of his own fucking blood and tsunade is like okay be my apprentice anyway and I fucking bet naruto is gonna forgive her. Absolutely fucking horrible.
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