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7/8 c6 jeffs87
Just found your story and really like it. You provided a good back story for why the Unspeakables didn’t slap down Riddle but still left the department room to train HP into his full potential.

I think you should move the story to the main HP page. You would get a lot more views that way. Also in the authors notes you should say who the crossover characters are.
7/3 c2 nater0730
Nice job
7/3 c6 1dammyd
Interesting take on the story. I read edoabb's comment and I laughed because it showed he/she didn't really read Harry potter or your story. Because in your story, Kingsley said Harry is magically powerful but lacks knowledge and skills which is what Croakers training and various mission is meant to correct.
Since you are expanding past HP, are you gonna introduce some more estoric and fancy spells? and new skills? We already know Harry 's eye is going to change due to the Lucan infection and experimental healing.
How will Harry experience with being a Hocrux and dealing with Voldermort possession help him deal with any possible Gallen angel possesion? What other skills and Powers will Harry gain? What about magic knowledge?
i think the only thing I would like Harry to do is gaining knowledge independent of Croaker. I feel like he's too dependent on him right now for knowledge purposes. I hope that changes goinf forward.
6/19 c1 edoabb
Highly doubt HP has the potential to rival them, Voldemort was once powerful but was defeated through his own insanity and probably weakened by all the rituals and brother wands etc... More so all of the other weren't only magically powerful, but also prodigies intellectually, all experts and masters in different fields, surpassing everyone through ingenuity and power, while HP is mediocre at best on the mental side.
5/3 c5 asighoaighnqllg
Seems to be a very promising fanfiction. I look forward to your updates.
5/3 c5 Kid Coheed
I love the smaller select choices for crossovers. You didn't overwhelm everything and bury classic HP characters solely to get new characters over. I am actually very interested and excited to see how this goes forward. I wonder what other crossovers will be joining, like Witchblade or Highlander would also be great fits. As would Marvel stuff
4/20 c4 Guest
Very interesting , please continue.
3/20 c4 Pato HM
Sooo... Fred will be "Q"? *Chuckles*
3/19 c4 1loki98065
nice harry has his Q. are you thinking of having flur join as an agent too?
3/7 c3 zippydip
brilliant cheers
3/4 c3 mintushar844
It will be cool in the ending where he settles with a older woman maybe narcissa ( or any older woman) its my favorite and young woman blah but its your story
3/4 c3 changeisneeded
This is dope asf
2/22 c2 changeisneeded
Amazing, can’t wait for the next chapter
2/18 c2 Pato HM
This is amazing.

If Harry doesn't have a relationship that's fine with me, it was just an idea but I like what you are doing so far. I just wish that we could see the other characters like Hermione, Ron or Draco appear later in the story for some interaction, that would be interesting.

But what if (I just had this idea while reading this chapter) Harry learns to do wandlless magic, it sounds like something that Croaker could teach him because he said that without wands wizards are useless, I think that it would line up with what I have read so far. I imagined Harry shooting lightning from his hand like Darth Sidious does in Star Wars. UNLIMITED POWER and all that, it would be so cool.

And I'm with another review that I just read that said that Harry should have 7 rituals because the number 7 is a constant in Harry's life. That and I think that I read somewhere that the number 7 in magic is something special and very powerful.

That's all for now and I'm really excited for the next thing that you give us.

Good luck!
2/18 c2 Kid Coheed
I can see their being a serious relationship if this does ever do a serious Crossover with something like Marvel or DC or even a anime of some kind like Bleach. Perhaps as a sequel. But as it is no relationship is fine as it is.

I can see Harry getting a total of 7 Rituals, matching Riddle's Horcruxes, the number 7 should always be like a shadow over Harry (7 years in Hogwarts, 7 Quidditch Players, 7 Stone Trials, 7 Horcruxes, 7 Weasley's, 7 Rituals)
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