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4/12 c3 Lioness
This is good
like REAL good
Love the reality in it, your writing is smooth to read, the characters all seem to match cannon (no clue how you did it but Raph SOUNDS like Raph) and I'm loving the little hints you're leaving.
Can't wait for more!
2/5 c2 The butterflies
Catchy story, not the typical female in distress who meet up with the turtle, which, I personally am tired of. This tough women, at the gym, for some reason motivates me to bunch bags after the pandemic of course. I like the starting and cant wait where it goes from here. Thank you dear creative writer for sharing your what ifs ideas.
2/4 c2 ReflectiveReader
I'm excited to see that this is Chapter One after a Prologue because it means there's more to come.

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