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5/30/2022 c7 5Cap'n Mel
the bittersweet and the saddness fill me with joy and also the after effects of the war. many writters dont show the aftet effects
4/13/2022 c7 Guest
There’s a reason why Shirou is always my top pairing for Rin, more than Emiya Archer in any Fate series / fics. This story has my answer.. love it.
3/9/2022 c7 treesharpequilibrium
Thank you for this.
2/15/2022 c7 2TheSlySage
this is sooo cute. loved it!
2/10/2022 c7 Mighty C
Why God I ask?
Why is this the ONLY good RinxShirou?
*looks at every RinShirou fic on Fanfiction and Archive of Our Own
(Jesus it really is the only good fic that's not shorter then a comically normal spoon)

I can understand that Saber and Shirou is the better ship, I really do, but come on!

What makes it worse is just how in character these AU Rin, Shirou, Sakara and Mitsuzuri interactions are. It puts so many fics to shame that it is in of itself a huge shame.

To anyone coming to read this, know that what you have found is the best Shirou x Rin fic out there hands down.
But be warned, when you finish this story you will feel nothing but the warm fuzzies, and a desire to read more stories about their relationship...
An unquenchable desire that will go unfulfilled and drive even the most calm individuals to insanity.

It all really puts this story in a favourable spotlight doesn't it?

Am I over embellishing it a bit?

Am I overlooking the flaws of this story?
*Looks at random Mitsuzuri x Sakara ship thats just there... for like no reason other then to destroy all chances of Sakara x Shirou...
Absolutely, but honestly the uncharacteristic relationship actually works in this story’s favour so I'm willing to let some things slide...

Is this a good fic?
Yes, now stop reading this rant of a comment and start reading this story already.

Heck I only wrote this because I feel miserable at the lack of (GOOD) ship fics for Shirou and Rin. So enjoy what there is and just pray that someday there will be more.

Mighty, out.
11/10/2021 c7 4Tenzzy
One of the better written fate fics imo. Honestly just really great it brought me to tears at the end. I really loved it. Great job
11/7/2021 c7 15Xlerons
Very nicely done. Great work.
8/28/2021 c7 2Galdor123
Really a sweet and beautiful story. Of the three pairings for Shirou in the Visual Novel, I liked Rin the least - this story makes me reassess that. Thank you for writing it!
7/27/2021 c7 nirmtheworm14
Beautiful, not much else to say really. Extraordinary work.
5/9/2021 c5 Gauss
"To hear Shirou speak of owning someone with gratitude in his voice, instead of cold obligation…"
"owning someone"

Didn't realise Shirou was into slavery.
4/25/2021 c7 1mikewj93
what a sweet story. I'm glad I read it.
4/25/2021 c7 8Aberron
Tunko, I finally was told about this beautiful piece you've written.

The unanswered questions about Kiritsugu and the Einzberns are an excellent touch, for background details that we are digging for. The only servant mentioned is Archer, who seems to have not betrayed Rin this round.

I wanted to thank you for such a mature outlook upon the life of Shirou and Rin. It feels organic, the ice melting between them in a way that feels delightful and reads smoothly. Your writing was clean and crisp, and didn't waste any time distracting you from the goings on. The touchings on magecraft were polite, concise and overall anything but angsty. Such a departure from the average fiction! I loved it. I loved the relationship, I loved how their lives were described.

Excellent dialogue, such a happy thing to read! When you write such interesting smut, I never expected this bout of wholesomeness from you. I loved it. A perfect story for someone to read if they are wanting a mature love story between Rin and Shirou. By the end you feel safely tucked in bed, comfortable in the fact that you know these two are right for each other.

4/24/2021 c7 1Syqadelic
Great fic. Alright, theory time:

Kiritsugu wiped out the Einzbern, dying in the process. I'm guessing that Illya didn't survive either, hence why Kiritsugu didn't send her back to his house.
4/22/2021 c7 Random Reader Guy
Kino story, good premise and incredibly thoughtful/soulful execution.
4/20/2021 c7 ThisIsStorm101
Its a good fic man.
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