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for Auror Accident

4/25/2023 c1 Guest
This... isn't very romantic. Like, at all. Ginny doesn't even know how much pain Harry's in, she doesn't bother to actually wait for him to answer before she's shouting at him.

Just because he's a magnet for trouble doesn't mean it doesn't affect him. Methinks maybe you're showing a bit of misandry?
4/12/2023 c1 21shaddowsong
Haha, got to say, if I was in Ginny's position, I certainly wouldn't be very pleased with my partner so unnecessarily and uncaringly leaving family/friend time and going off solo to go after a small time smuggler. I don't blame her for chewing him out.
2/4/2021 c1 scrappy8
good job

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